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If you like to wear comfortable clothing, dharma wear, suitable for the office, home or meditation, you have come to a fashion retailer that knows what it’s doing. We specialise in Buddhist fashion, organised and suitable to wear in either the city or country. We have the best ideas and Buddhist designs for comfortable meditation wear.

If you are interested in traditional women’s chubas, half chubas, clothing for the ordained or buddhist fashion, tibetan clothing or lovely buddhist fashion, email me at  vanessaanneallan@gmail.com and express your interest.

We sell buddhist dresses, robes, shirts, skirts, jackets, wollen items such as beanies, jackets and socks, meditation socks.

Find great and comfortable fashion right here at affordable prices. All garments are handmade and original. I am a Buddhist stylist and tailor and I know how to dress people in an appropriate Buddhist way and manner.

We are a great alternative to David Jones. Mens fashion is also available. We stock quality tailored meditation and everyday buddhist designs and enlightened fashion. If you are sick of unethical modern day clothing and are looking for a more tailored, ethically cultured buddhist design, http://www.buddhistdesigns.com is the place to come to for clothing and fashion advice and buddhist mens and womens clothing wear.

Hand picked and Tailored Buddhist dresses in blue, burnt orange, sunset yellow or maroon, with original shirts and pandang start at $800.00.

I am a stylist and I can dress you up in the following designer brand names as well. Victor Alexandre, Tibet House, Bassike, Potalagate, Witchery, Ishka, Berlei, Jockey, Kaiser, Bonds, and RM Williams.

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Vanessa Anne Pollock

The Language of Love




The language of love does not, in any way, correspond with the language of desire[1].

When one person, or even one being, loves another, their primary concern always lies with how to remove the suffering and pain of another. It begins, continues and ends with thinking about ways to bring pleasure and happiness to another, and will even focus upon the needs and wishes of all beings. This is not because it is trying in any way to deceive another simply to fulfill its own selfish gratifications.

Love aims to avoid creating losses for another person or being. Simply, it aims to protect the integrity, morality and self-respect of another person. Desire attempts to do the opposite. Desire does not care if damage is created in the experience of another person. It cares nothing for the self-respect, morality or aims of another.

Love aims to protect and nurture the happiness, contentment and health of people and all beings. It has no interest in trampling on the needs of others in order to bring about some superficial, short-lived and impermanent experience of satisfaction.

In my experience, the Buddha will think, devise and perform limitless actions aimed at protecting, nurturing and sustaining the happiness and fulfillment of another person. He has no commonality whatsoever in the mundane, selfish and destructive motivations of ordinary, self-possessed beings. An ordinary being, on the other hand, has no thought or care about the consequences of his self-centred actions. An ordinary being with no insight or love will, without hesitation, create suffering and misery in the mind and
experience of another. True, deep, endless love, aims to transcend the boundaries of space, thought and time. It can move beyond the limitations of the human form and reach far into the realms of space to bring peace, contentment and joy.

May all beings identify, recognize and be conjoined with the supramundane love of a Buddha. May they transcend their sufferings and recognize without any shadow of a doubt, that a Buddha can and will free all beings from their limited, miserable lives and transport them to a state of never-ending happiness, peace and everlasting joy.

[1] Desire means thirst. Like drinking salt water. A taste that cannot be satisfied.

Copyright © Geshe Vanessa Pollock Rinpoche 2015.

OZ Never Did Give Nothing To The Tin Man

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Listening to some great music, this Monday evening.

Today, we were set for a scorcher, 39 degrees was the prediction, by I for one, spent the morning in the lovely coolness of the sea baths, doing my laps and then later basked in the cool sea breezes down near St Kilda Pier. All those fears of a scorcher amounted to nought. How our mind and fears can deceive us. Or maybe, it’s just an out of whack forecast. Who knows?!

Tomorrow brings a new day and a new promise. The song I was just listening to, Tin Man, by America, reminds me of the importance of recognising the real wealth we all have within us. We can search forever for the answers from without, however the real truth and peace lies within.

I am going on holidays for a week. I am going to explore the beauty of the Great Ocean Road, before heading back to work and a year of study. I hope everyone who has just returned from their summer sojourn all had a good rest. I know I am in need of mine.

Take care all.


Copyright © Bodhi Gyatso 2016

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About the text, Nights in the Moon Lily Garden

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As I look like this, and not with a wig, or a bob hairstyle. Why so? It’s called renunciation, darling.

I’ve just had dinner. What are you going to eat tomorrow. Honey, once the shopping is done, I was thinking a little along the lines of spaghetti, sweety. So, how goes the recipe cheeky chop?

And it goes like this. Doesn’t really move like Jagger, but it does taste good.

Spaghetti Tugpa

for 3-4 people.

500 grams of heart smart mince

one onion chopped

garlic one clove chopped

one punnet of cherry tomatoes

a few twigs of rosemary

6 sliced mushrooms

one teaspoon salt flakes

a few shakes of cracked black pepper.


olive oil

good quality dried spaghetti or fresh spaghetti

chilli jam

Put some olive oil in a saucepan heat and add chopped onion and garlic. Don’t burn, just soften, then add the cherry tomatoes and mince. Stir and let cook a few minutes until meat browns a bit. Then add water to cover the meat, rosemary, sliced mushrooms and salt and pepper. Cook on a low to medium heat stirring for about 30 minutes.

Cook the spaghetti for twelve or so minutes until al dente.

Drain the spaghetti and serve with the tugpa mince sauce. Adding the liquid from the tugpa is delicious with the pasta. To sex it up, add a teaspoon of chilli jam to taste.

Copyright © Vanessa Anne Allan 2016