OZ Never Did Give Nothing To The Tin Man

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Listening to some great music, this Monday evening.

Today, we were set for a scorcher, 39 degrees was the prediction, by I for one, spent the morning in the lovely coolness of the sea baths, doing my laps and then later basked in the cool sea breezes down near St Kilda Pier. All those fears of a scorcher amounted to nought. How our mind and fears can deceive us. Or maybe, it’s just an out of whack forecast. Who knows?!

Tomorrow brings a new day and a new promise. The song I was just listening to, Tin Man, by America, reminds me of the importance of recognising the real wealth we all have within us. We can search forever for the answers from without, however the real truth and peace lies within.

I am going on holidays for a week. I am going to explore the beauty of the Great Ocean Road, before heading back to work and a year of study. I hope everyone who has just returned from their summer sojourn all had a good rest. I know I am in need of mine.

Take care all.


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