Honey Bun on the Run

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I had a good day at home today. Just a bit of writing, a bit of meditation. Then a good friend suggested at 5pm, let’s go for a drive. Just a little bit relax. Great! Let’s do it.

Poor honey. Let’s see where it all began. “What do you mean? In Kapilavastu?” Ya!
Alrighty then.

Where going?
A little exhausted, after much deep thought and contemplation, I decided to enter the Alfa.
Big unusual.
The first thing the hungry ghost of Melbourne said to me, as we entered the Burnley Tunnel, was
“UGH, your car, the little red Alfa, just farted.”
My reply was, ” You bogon reality you, that was your lie to the community. Your unhappy understanding of a self is the true fart to all sentient understandings. Anything to bring the truth of this perfect reality unstuck, of the Three Jewels, the inner peace and freedom.”
How does the hungry ghost mind of a preta actually work?
First, it’s sees perfection and abandons it, out of lust, jealousy, hatred and desire. This is all based on it’s gross misconception of a self, of an inherently existent I and mine. It calls development non-virtue, ordinary and suffering. It can’t stand happiness. It rejects, it rallies against it, and it demonises all aspects and understandings of peace.

Now what doing? All routes out of Melbourne are jammed with cars. No-one is moving anywhere, anyhow. Look North and there is suffering. Look West and it’s just the same. Road blocks and stupidity everywhere. New buildings clogging the highways and city with no windows, no windows, and of course, just the reality of suffering. Aren’t you paying any attention at all? This is a concrete jail of misery. Big Brother is rubbish and a Brave New World was George Orwell’s warning. What doing Animal Farm? Ya! Why can’t you understand the reality of inner and outer perfection? Your desires are demons, not happiness. And certainly not freedom. Just the reality of a lack of inner peace. A constant distraction, anxiety and nervous tension. Turn around to the South and there is a small opportunity for escape. Now what doing? You created this.

One hour later, through recognition of the true devil, the obnoxious, hateful and self grasping, self cherishing mind and we have a champagne from Tasmania on hand and a basket full of hot chips. The virtues of a Buddha always win. The hungry ghost is in reality just a tatter of happiness. Don’t listen to the bullshit of false understanding. The real news comes from the Three Jewels and those mothers and fathers who genuinely value happiness, liberation and enlightenment as the only true value to aspire to.

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