The Yummiest Salad and Soup Diet

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If I can get this blog to work, my intention was to journal about a Buddhist journey into the Essential Wellbeing Diet. This diet is scientifically proven to support and create a state of excellent health as tried tested and experienced by my own religious practice.

I am a medic, a Buddhist doctor who would like to document my experience with what I consider to be a very healthy, non-harmful diet, the Essential Diet, as I like to call it. Having suffered from crohns disease, and wanting to avoid all other types of disease, I feel it’s in the community interest to encourage people to do even better than what they feel they may have been doing with their diet. I think people in Australia eat too much meat. This diet is primarily vegetarian, and does include dairy, full cream diary products.

All good diets start with a plan and a shopping list.


Yummyist Salad

Yummy? What’s yummy? Well, my cooking for starters. No, it’s delicious. Are we a nation of fatties? Obesity – give it the boot. Diabetes, who needs it.

Anyway, I’ll show you how to start the day, how to continue it and finish off. It’s all about reducing greed, a lack of satisfaction and ill health. I thought to blog on this last week, but basically, cooking got the better of me and I was so in the moment, that the words never hit the page. So, I had a good time. That’s what it is about in part, really, how to be beneficial to yourself and to others. The bodisattva or Buddha way.

This is the sort of shopping list you need.

For two people

Ancient grains and seed organic loaf of bread

organic butter

Organic Chilli Hommous

Tasty cheese sliced – bega

Organic ceylon tea

Organic coffee

Organic cream

Organic full cream milk

Raw sugar

1 bag organic mixed lettuce leaves

One organic avocado

Soy and sesame dressing or honey soy dressing or ranch dressing or greek yoghurt dressing

Organic fetta cheese


Rasberries one punnet

Blueberries One punnet

Organic yoghurt natural

Organic sour cream

2 Organic dutch cream potatoes

salt flakes and cracked black pepper


What you need to begin is some good organic bread. Healthybake I think, the baker does some nice loaves. Then some organic butter and a nice slice of tasty cheese. Next a cruskit with organic chilli hommous. Have that with a nice ceylon tea or an organic coffee and cream and what a delicious breakfast you have.

You will need some meditation before lunch. Thank all those wonderful growers and food manufacturers, Buddhas and Bodhisattvas for the energy they give to get out of bed to make the world a better place by bringing to market, such yummy produce. It works to give thanks. To show appreciation. To make offerings of body, speech and mind to the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas to create the causes for all beings to attain the highest state of enlightenment.

Then, next is lunch. Some delicious organic mixed lettuce leaves, some soy and sesame salad dressing, an avocado sliced and some organic fetta broken up over the salad leaves. Toss and enjoy.

Afternoon tea is to enjoy two fresh passionfruit sliced in half and eaten, some raspberries and blueberries in a bowl mixed with fresh organic or gippsland yoghurt. Yum. Very light, very nutritious.

Dinner: one baked potato (organic dutch cream is nice), some organic butter and a dollop of sour cream. It takes a bit over an hour to cook. Enjoy. And give meat a miss for a while.

The soup, I’ll discuss later. But start with some good salad and your body, speech and mind will thank you for the diligent care and attention.

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