Esoterics of the pancake and Morning Pages

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As I used to practice writing like so many others by considering the virtues of morning pages, taught by Julia Cameron, I now consider the esoterics of this practice, whilst contemplating my next meal. The tea I have just prepared, first offered to the Guru, purified, transformed and increased for the benefit of all sentient beings, is delicious. Isn’t the practice of logistics and indeed farming and marketing amazing. The tea I now enjoy is brought to my desk by the kindness of so many beings.

I love the practice of the seven-fold cause and effect instruction on the way in which to generate the Bodhi mind. It is so helpful to generate a good heart, an excellent motivation for engaging in the deeds of Buddhas and bodhisattvas, solitary conquerors and so forth. I am drinking full cream goats milk, so kind is it to have such a food. The goat must have some kindness, otherwise the milk wouldn’t be fit to drink. Then there is the science of food, that cleanses the milk preparing it for consumption. These art forms and sciences are passed on generation after generation, for the benefit of the community.

Now dressed and wearing robes, I ponder the gathering of breakfast. Morning prayer completed, I wonder what a nice walk along the beachside will feel like to my body today, having not done much walking for several months. I will discuss the delightful pancakes with berries and mascarpone cheese later. My job is to remain vegetarian forever, to write, meditate, exercise and tend to the place, whilst teaching Buddhist dharma.


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