My morning encounter with Bashful Bob and Tyrannical Rex

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Did you hear that GC – Bashful Bob and Tyranncial Rex are on the rocks and maybe not heading for divorce? No, this is not idle gossip, this is meaningful news reporting of a higher quality than that found in The Age Newspaper.

What’s been going on? Did Tyrannical Rex spend too much? Did Bashful Bob get upset? Or was Bashful Bob seen falling for another woman? Bashful Bob says he’s not in the wrong now, but perhaps was in the past. Lama Zopa says that’s not the end of it. That’s not the story in it’s entirety. For breaking news, for the inside story on what’s happening around the world, in the soup of samsara, and how to avoid wrong doing, Buddhist Designs and Enlightened Wisdom is in the know.

Who magazine thinks it does this best. I am not one to start a war on the subject, but they are referred to as a gossip publication, which can’t do them any good. I know for sure, and this is confidential, ignorance sucks. Don’t go around spreading false rumours, lies, idle gossip and innuendo. It’s wrong to do that. Bashful Bob is currently feeling fairly disgusted with Tyrannical Rex’s take on the marriage that occurred in Venice, was it not? Romance apparently then was all the news, as was the ring of course, but what to make of things that have occurred in somewhat of a dream state since that time? It’s all like a mirage, a dream and an image of the moon on a still lake. Samsara and nirvana lack inherent existence, whilst cause and effect and dependent arising are unfailing.

Wait! I don’t see idiots standing on the sideline do I, praying for the failure of this marital union? I hope not.



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