What’s Going On at the Palace with the Children?

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Princess Charlotte is heading for divorce. Prince George, formally Henry the Eighth has swung his noose. Charlotte is unimpressed. Charlotte is determined to challenge Henry the Eighth, Prince George. He looks the part don’t you think? Charlotte feels she is the mother of Queen Elisabeth, feeling friendly and all with Great Grandma.

What a life these two children have ahead of them! Imagine, insights into their past lives, a belief in reincarnation, wonderful father and so forth. Wrath all the way, charges George, leading the battalion. Charles looks on amused. Days are happier now that everyone accepts three is not a crowd in a marriage, is it?

More on the frolicking escapades of the royal children later; anyone prepared to accept that an understanding of the Jataka Tales, the stories from past lives is more than a little acceptable for morning or afternoon news? Really, is it time that the western and eastern less so public embraced their own Bodhi mind, Buddha nature and got on with the task of aspiring to higher rebirth, liberation and of course, the ultimate goal of Buddhahood.


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