Say Goodbye to the Car

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This is a Buddhist Blog designed to inform people of how to live well, economically, efficiently, environmentally friendly, green, healthy, vegetarian all throughout your life. Say goodbye to Vogue magazine, which never really gave good advice anyway did it? I can step out in style, with lovely colourful, well tailored clothing that’s creative, designed well and warm in winter, cool in summer, still look the best on the street and at home or at the Buddhist Centre. Can you do that for a good budget, observing modesty, not annoying the men into a state of sexual misconduct and samsaric misery?

I think the world should be interested in this wonderful journey. As I said, I am living green, environmentally consciously, locally, not tearing, raping the planet with an overuse of oil and hard to acquire energy. How to stay fit, relaxed, looking after the heart, the mind, the body, organising a healthy vegetarian diet whilst catching public transport, making good use of that very amazing infrastructure that our government and Metlink kindly create for the good use of public benefit.

Let’s just look at starting the day with a mind that appreciates very deeply the wonder of enjoying a fresh organic cup of ceylon tea with full cream milk. Then onto baking some fresh bread with organic, biodynamic stoneground wheat flour.Yum. How delicious to experience around lunch time toasty bread fresh from the oven, with organic butter and jarlesberg cheese. I’m not finished. Today I am eating spinach with sesame sauce – horenzo gomae, avocado sushi and miso soup. Great for the stomach and digestive system and not too heavy. Then time to walk a bit catching the tram to the local Buddhist Centre for a latte, a think and relax, a meditate and to pick up some lovely vegetable soup cooked at Cafe Bliss by gorgeous Tibetan friends. China, suck on that!

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