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These days, and for how long now, people discuss the benefits of exercise. The only thing is what about learning how to engage in the practice of the dharma instead? What am I talking about? The benefits of engaging in all actions of body, speech and mind with a consciousness imbued with, pervaded by wisdom, the wisdom realising emptiness, a liberated, strong and positive state of mind.

Are you aware of your actions? I’d say not.

The false view of a transitory collection, the false view of a self, the false concept of an inherently existent I and mine is to blame for the discomfort one experiences whether alone or with others. I am pointing to the false view of a self of persons and of phenomena. All phenomena lack inherent existence whilst cause and effect and dependent arising are unfailing.

The thing is everyone is basically looking for an experience of happiness, wanting to avoid suffering and it’s causes, but when you go walking, the hatred emanating from people’s faces, their eyes, their attitude is palpable and ordinary. Haven’t you noticed, when you walk along the pathway, not very many people practice courtesy, selflessness of persons or correct view. A common, sensible direction cannot be found. People meander, barging into one another, refusing to get out of each others way, acting like they own the common space, refusing to acknowledge the need to benefit others.

We live in a country that walks and drives on the left side of the pathway or road. If you observe the direction of the traffic, and stay to the correct side, you can avoid a nasty confrontation or accident/injury with others. Why not watch your motivation and try to make your experience of yourself and the world a benefit not only to yourself but the community as a whole? You are mindless, self centred beings. The streets of Melbourne, or indeed any city or country town are harsh, dangerous and even violent spaces.

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