Mastering the art of prostrations.

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Mantra Count to date (first three days): 282.

Daily Total so far Wednesday 15 November 2017: 103.

This is all just an experiment really to see how or what is the balance for a 48 year old. How much is too much or too little. At any rate, I need to improve strength and fitness. It’s a practice in relaxation. Meditation and prostration. It’s subduing to the heart realising the impact of ageing and sickness. 400 prostrations a day was just a target, but I’m not sure how realistic that is for someone like me.

Personally I enjoy mahamudra meditation. Prostrations should combine well with that. There’s not a lot to say when you look at Lama Tsong Khapa who managed apparently to achieve a count of 3.5 million prostrations over the course of his life. The culture these days isn’t terribly supportive of spiritual practice. Tibetan culture is deep and of course very meaningful when you study the opportunity of a precious human rebirth to attain enlightenment for the sake of all sentient beings. It’s a challenge facing the hatred in humans in general when you endeavour to put into practice the advice and commitments for training the mind in virtue and of course bodhicitta.


Prostrations, Prostrations

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Regular offerings appreciated. Thank you for supporting this community orientated project.



Bodhi Stupa


Friends, this was my wonderful idea yesterday. Three million full length prostrations over 21 years. Darling, I’m getting on in years, says this ole body of mine. Don’t you just want to lie around and fart?

Don’t laugh. Well, you can, it’s funny what happens to your body, speech and mind when you announce to the universe a grand slam whopping idea like that one. Did I get any sleep last night? No. Can I move around very easily today. Not really. Gee Mum, I just did another 40 prostrations. That’s good isn’t it! Anyway, as the old story goes, slowly slowly the turtle beats the hare and wins the race. Who mentioned a race? Don’t turn this into a race; good spiritual practice is far more advanced and subtle than that.

The mantra count for the first session of the day is at 40. I’m aiming for at least 100 today.   A slight improvement on yesterday. I don’t know after completing the cooking of a good homemade pesto dish, if I have 200 prostrations in me by 10 or 11pm tonight. The idea is to keep the heart and mind relaxed.

The first two days accumulative count so far is at 119. You don’t need the gym. You don’t need a stressed out walk along a filthy beach shoreline. Just stay at your place and work off your negative karma and purify by either confession to the 35 Buddhas, or Praises to Chenrezig, or recitation of Buddha mantra. That’s far more meaningful, beneficial and wholesome. It’s also very meritorious to do such a practice with the bodhi mind as one’s purpose and motivation. The mind aspiring to and engaging in the path to enlightenment; the path to the cessation of suffering. No one likes suffering, but suffering is what many beings do experience.

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Have a good day. Tashi Delek. ( All auspiciousness).


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The Enlightenment Project

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Goal: Enlightenment for all beings.

Method for the moment. Three million prostrations to the Buddhas accomplished from this day on for the next 21 years.

Mantra Count Monday 13 November 2017: 79

Day One Daily Total: 79

Why prostrate to the Buddhas? They are holy, they are wise. They are fully purified, fully perfected with all good qualities, transcendent, all-knowing, Omniscient Ones. This is to subdue the three poisonous states of minds in all beings and to gently and favourably guide others on the path to omniscience.

We are slowly working up to 400 prostrations a day for the next 21 years. I will report on progress made each day to inspire others to join me if they like to prostrate to qualities of body, speech and mind that are fully purified, and fully perfected. It’s best to start slowly, to treat this method like a grain of wheat, small, narrow to begin, edging in to the wider middle section and tapering off at the end. This is to ensure good progress is made. So wish me luck, for the benefit of all beings.