The Enlightenment Project

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Goal: Enlightenment for all beings.

Method for the moment. Three million prostrations to the Buddhas accomplished from this day on for the next 21 years.

Mantra Count Monday 13 November 2017: 79

Day One Daily Total: 79

Why prostrate to the Buddhas? They are holy, they are wise. They are fully purified, fully perfected with all good qualities, transcendent, all-knowing, Omniscient Ones. This is to subdue the three poisonous states of minds in all beings and to gently and favourably guide others on the path to omniscience.

We are slowly working up to 400 prostrations a day for the next 21 years. I will report on progress made each day to inspire others to join me if they like to prostrate to qualities of body, speech and mind that are fully purified, and fully perfected. It’s best to start slowly, to treat this method like a grain of wheat, small, narrow to begin, edging in to the wider middle section and tapering off at the end. This is to ensure good progress is made. So wish me luck, for the benefit of all beings.

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