The downside of anger and the upside of patience

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I am going to talk about why anger is negative. Anger is a deluded state of mind that causes suffering. Any action motivated by anger causes harm. Anger is the mindstate that wishes to harm or cause destruction to either oneself or others. You need to think well about your motivation before engaging in any action of body, speech or mind, because when you engage in actions of body, speech or mind you create either virtuous or non-virtuous karma. Karma means action and the endless round of action motivated by ignorance or wrong view causes cyclic suffering, cyclic existence or samsara.

Any action motivated by anger is considered to be negative by all beings really. No-one wants to be harmed. Everyone is wishing for happiness and it’s causes which is virtue. There are so many things to say here. Anger is ugly. It makes you look stupid. It has no valid basis. It is caused by ignorance. The three root poisons of anger, desire/attachment/lust and ignorance drive the process and experience of suffering. Anger/hatred also destroys merit that is not dedicated to the path or result of full awakening.

There are three types of suffering. There is the suffering of suffering, like getting wounded or having a headache. There is the suffering of change, where things could be going well for a while, then change occurs and you find things are doing less well, or there are more problems. Then there is the pervasive suffering. As long as your mind is afflicted with the ignorance of a self, as long as you falsely impute inherent existence and you grasp and an inherently existent I or mine, you have the three types of suffering. Pervasive suffering means things are never really perfect. Why? Because you are ignorant of the way phenomena actually exist.

All phenomena are empty of inherent existence, whilst cause and effect and dependent arising are unfailing. When you realize the thought of the Buddha, you will understand this is the actual reality on a conventional and ultimate level.

There are three types of patience and I have explained this in a previous post. Patience has many upsides. It’s a virtue, it’s one of the six or ten perfections of body, speech and mind and it causes oneself to appear more beautiful, than those afflicted by the delusions of samsara, or anger, attachment and ignorance.

Practicing loving kindness and patience, wisdom and compassion is the way to cessate the causes of samsara or cyclic suffering. Abandon anger and adopt virtue wherever you are and no-matter what you are doing. The hellish types of consequence that arise from being non-virtuous have long been thought of by the Buddha as something the individual or community create out of stupidity. Anger never brings any benefit. It is always wrong. You need the validity of a valid cognizer to understand why you have been suffering since beginingless time and how to cut the root of cyclic existence with the wisdom realizing emptiness and compassion or the bodhimind that aspires to and engages in the path and of course causes of Buddhahood.


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Unfortunately you can see the negative effects of anger all around the community. People do not drive these days with enough care. What I am saying is that people’s driving is crazy, stupid and of course, ridiculous. People are rude and aggressive, angry and hateful. Just look at the speed people travel with on the highway. 100km per hour is too fast for a calm mind and a virtuous mind. Anger hurtles people down the road, sometimes headlong into other objects, causing death and destruction and injury. There is a gross lack of patience and concern for one another.

Walking down the street along the pavement is difficult. Humans don’t walk in an orderly way. They push and shove. They don’t adhere to the side of the pavement that works the way cars travel in the traffic. Instead, they just barge into one another, refusing to get out of each others way. There is no patience, there is no respect.

This is the ugly way anger manifests. Of course, hatred has caused many conflicts and wars. Anger has no upside. It is a faulty and malicious state of mind that must be abandoned and cessated.

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How to abandon the beached whale

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Yes, I know it’s been said before. New Year, New Year’s resolution, how to diet, how to get that fit, young feeling, that Elle Macpherson trim taught and terrific look. What? At the age of fifty? Hmmm, well these days, people don’t exactly embrace ageing well. I’m not really here to bore you. I could say, yes, you bore me.

So, we’ve been through several periods. Molly Meldrum’s hum drum. Yes, but I’m funnier.

I’ve thought about Jenny. Hmmm, Jenny Craig. Jenny is nice. I don’t need to cook. I’ve cooked for the past thirty years. I’m a gourmet. There’s no pesto pasta like my pesto pasta. I’m not here to brag, but my Thai Red Curry and Rice is good too. Anyway, the problem is, I need to lose the kilos. I used to be nice and small, but then I got cooking. That’s smart, life is what it is. It needs meaning. Why not enjoy yourself a bit and cook a decent meal, instead to tearing around town like a chook without your head on behaving in the abominably meaningless and selfish way of an aetheist. Ya, I’m Buddhist and happy to be that way.

Here, there is lot’s to discuss. Really, how do you lose weight on Jenny Craig when it’s healthy and of course beneficial to have or to enjoy a whiskey? OH what, so now I’m damned? I don’t think so. So it’s 5000 kilojoules daily and I am advised by my doctor to drink whiskey. Outcome number one, my dress size probably won’t decrease that much. Still, I can ponder a bit more. Did you figure out the meaning of life? Well I did, it means you should and of course need to be happy. Now I’m not a hedonistic narcissist. And I’m not getting into an argument over that subject.

Did I get anywhere? Well, I don’t have as many dishes to wash, and apparently Jenny Craig is organised by a group of scientific dieticians and medics. So that’s something. My diet is good too, but a lot of work. The bad news is I need to lose weight. So, how much damage does to whiskey and diet coke do to one’s waist line as one attempts to drop one kilo or so a week. See, I’m going to document this, because some alcohol is good for the heart. Whiskey has around 300 kilojoules or so per glass. There’s no kilojoule count with the diet coke. I’ll probably have to move a bit however.

The modern era has some good things, but how to get over the incessant neuroticism? That’s something that I believe probably causes cancer. The weather this summer is good. Nice and warm, not too windy and I’m out for a break. Can I lose any weight however? What if I went for a swim and a walk? I know, it’s all been said and done before, but did you check out the stress levels attached with the dieters dream to lose weight? Miranda Kerr is young. Does she look after her children properly however, or is she always struggling away at the gym?

Stay tuned. This is jiminny crickets. Norm once wisely said, isn’t beer better?



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War – (part one)

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This is evidence of course of terrorism and wrong view engaged in by haters of the Dalai Lama retinue.


2015; Approximately one week prior to the Yamantaka retreat at the Blue Mountains in Sydney, NSW.

It ws a sunshiny autumn day. Clear skies, no wind. I had to pack to prepare for a tour of His Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama of Tibet. Remember, Tibet isn’t Chinese, although it has been known to be corrupt, hence the invasion by China, the communist regime that murdered 1 million Tibetans and destroyed six thousand monasteries, prior to the cultural revolution that Mao Tse Tung orchestrated which brought the whole world into a state of utter chaos.

Climbing into my car, I drove down a busy street, lined with golden and red autumn leaves. They are dead mind you. What do people have in mind for me? After driving fifteen minutes and nearly reaching the highway, a car full of thugs approached and started to harass me on the road from behind. I picked up speed, trying to get out of their way, but upon entering the highway they appeared from my rear view mirror to become even more threatening and out of control. As we took of from the lights, I noticed a bus and several cars swerve to get out of these thugs way, as their car chased me down the highway.

Several minutes later, I pulled off the highway in disgust, and jumped out of the car that stopped in a no standing zone, to hide. The middle eastern thugs approached warning me not to get back into the car, because they threatened to detonate a car bomb. I was hiding, but heard them as they approached my empty vehicle.

Several tense minutes later, they left, and I ran off down a neigbouring street, shitting as went, in terror. I made my way slowly to a friends residence. No mobile phone, no keys, no wallet, I was terrified and in distress. This all took place between 9:20am and 10am early one morning.

At approximately 10:30am or 11am I sought refuge at Tara Instiute’s Café Bliss, and was given some food and money to return home. I decided to catch the train, because I had become frightened of the road. It took me until 4pm to get home, so frightened was I. I called the police to report the incident, but no action was taken and I was fined for parking in a no standing zone. It took me one month to recover the vehicle, because I had to investigate just how serious this car bombing threat was. The police never got back to me, but it is a clear example of how shugden practitioners hate the followers of the Dalai Lama and seek to destroy the Buddhist practitioners’ inner peace and safe lifestyle wherever possible.

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The Elephant in the Room

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This is why I am bankrupt.

A while ago I listened to an advertisement 60 Minutes was running for one of their shows. In this advertisement, the journalist from 60 Minutes discussed the issue surrounding Australia, as a nation, being at war with China. You would have to be more than half asleep if you didn’t realize China is already at war with us. Just look at the way the Chinese Government encourages it’s people to bribe immigration officials and flood brainwashed and poorly educated Chinese citizens into the most prosperous and democratic nations around the world. When China invaded Tibet and massacred its people, destroying and bombing its educational institutions and oppressing the freedoms of this peace loving, gentle nation, the Communist Governments view at the time was that once they gained control over the Roof of the World (Tibet), power around the rest of the world would rapidly fall into their hands.

I guess if doing business with a regime of dull-minded, uncreative people who were happy to force young Tibetan children to shoot their parents and thought nothing of burying Tibetan people alive in coffins doesn’t faze you (as reported by Amnesty International in the early 1990’s), then perhaps you might conclude I am over-reacting, but I hold onto the virtuous and freedom loving idea we do in fact have a responsibility to respect human rights, especially when a greedy power like China marches into a foreign country and invades for the purposes of stealing another nations precious natural resources in order to strengthen it’s own power and oppress the freedoms and liberties of others.

Make no mistake; it is the deep intention of China to dominate the world’s economic and political sphere, whilst using their brutal military might to create a stranglehold on the freedom of all sentient beings. As a brilliant Buddhist master once told me, “China first takes control by getting people addicted to its money.” It is very clear now to see how we as a nation have become hopelessly addicted to the short term economic benefits we derive from giving away too easily, our precious and limited resources to China.  This master then went on to say that “once China knows a nation has become addicted to the income they earn from doing business with China, China then seizes the opportunity at hand to take control over every other aspect of the lives of citizens living in such a nation.”

Do we as a country even recognize anymore what it means to be Australian? As you walk down any suburban or city street, it is clear to see we are effectively already living in China. The Chinese have long had the habit of buying up the most highly sought after and valuable properties and moving into the most prosperous regions of any country, once they develop pockets deep enough to steal away our freedom. It is a well known fact that businessmen working in real estate actively seek to sell off the best houses and properties we have in our country to the Chinese. Just look at who owns most of the Golden Mile now down in Brighton. Go and visit Box Hill, Doncaster, Toorak or watch more carefully who is filling the streets of Melbourne or any other major Australian city, and see if you can figure out where we are really living.

We should all know by now, China has an absolutely horrific human rights record. As a nation, and oppressive communist power, they simply cannot be trusted to act in a way that protects the integrity and freedom of any living being. Despite this catastrophic flaw in the Chinese character, we must rely upon diplomacy and a peace strategy that focuses first upon saving rather than needlessly and heartlessly destroying precious lives.

I would be remiss for not mentioning a story recently televised by Four Corners on the Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC) network, which exposed China’s attempts to hack into a number of major western corporations’ computer systems. On this program, Four Corners revealed not only had China been caught hacking into His Holiness The Dalai Lama’s website and other Tibetan Government in Exile computer systems, but China has also hacked into the computer systems of companies such as BHP, Fortescue Metals, Rio Tinto, just to name a few. One can see from the ruthless way China conducts its affairs that they already assume they are at war with everyone. Just remember, the Chinese Government pride themselves on educating their people into the Art of War. The Tibetan Nation, on the other hand, excelled in it’s ability to prosper a country based on a philosophy of peace, love, liberation and freedom from suffering. Which cause would any rationally minded being choose to support, listen to and follow?

Following is just a brief profile of the methods used by China to destabilize already prosperous nations, which they view as an ideological threat to their own oppressive and freedom hating regime.

The whole global financial downturn can be attributed to the fact that Australia, Europe and other once well developed nations like America can no longer manufacture their own goods, due to the incredible difficulty that has arisen and stems from the Chinese government’s refusal to stop artificially lowering the levels of its currency. Countries like Australia have become virtually incapable of competing with China, due to the fact that the Chinese rely upon slave labor to manufacture all their goods. This has created such a huge economic and moral imbalance, that the entire world is now paying an enormous price for the fact that our politicians refuse address the critical causes for the downfalls in our economies and ability to produce quality goods which will allow us to trade on a more even playing field.

In western countries, we do our best to maintain relatively good working conditions for our citizens, but China has no such concern or philosophy. As a young country, we take too much for granted our liberties and current level of freedom, to the point that we have become blinded by the huge changes and shifts in global power that are rapidly taking place around us. Our major media stations and publications refuse to address these issues, creating a false illusion in the minds of all our people that our freedom and health is not degenerating to the degree and levels to which they currently are.

Look at how when the Burmese Government attacked its own people in order to suppress their rights of free speech and democracy, China funded and supported the ruthless dictatorial Burmese regime while this was going on.

Look at how the problem with plagiarism and pirating have enabled China to steal original designs, intellectual property and products from all other nations around the globe, so that they are then able to infiltrate business and political systems around the world, mass producing cheap fakes, which further impedes our ability to trade and work fairly on a world scale.

As long as the Communist Chinese Government continues to peg it’s currency against the US dollar at a level that is artificially low, Chinese goods and services appear cheaper than they really are when compared to products and services produced in Western nations.

One could go on forever about all the evil that resides in China, taking the form of the Chinese Government’s abuse of the rights and conditions of humans and animals, and the wanton and blatant corruption of its officials.

One could argue the reason the talks in Copenhagen failed was because of Chinese Diplomats blocking and strategically planning for methods and means to cause the whole process to fail.

We all need to become more aware of how the actions of a corrupt, ruthless and oppressive Chinese regime is causing degradation and decline on a world scale, and understand more clearly how we are all now paying a massive price for the corruption and degradation to the planet that is stemming from the actions of the Chinese Government and it’s brainwashed citizens.

China educates its own people into a philosophy and way of thinking and acting that has no respect for the law, for human rights, for freedom, for freedom of speech or for the truth and justice.

I urge everyone to take a deeper look into what is going on in the rapidly changing world around us and look for ways to think about how to protect ourselves and the freedoms and way of life we currently enjoy. Many sacrifices have been made by others in the past to protect the democratic rights of a people. We must never lose sight of this fact or think that just because our economy is currently quite strong, that our way of life and ability to achieve lasting happiness is not at stake. Never think ignorance is bliss and that not knowing the truth somehow makes life a little easier to bear. Lacking awareness of the true causes of suffering is always a recipe for disaster.

Copyright © Vanessa Anne Walsh 2011

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A Case of Human Rights Abuse.

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30 September 2016

Attention His Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama of Tibet, Tenzin Gyatso. Urgent Request for Legal Aid, Protection, Assistance and Guidance.


  • Request for legal representation concerning the matters of defamation and medical negligence by the Alfred Psychiatric Unit and Waiora Outpatient Clinic.


Notes concerning the case of medical negligence and defamation of Vanessa Anne Walsh


I am a practicing Buddhist. Merlin Allan is my client but I can’t get him to publicly acknowledge this at this time due to the poor community attitude towards me.

I have been a long time friend of Merlin Allan. The community ripped us apart in a series of actions of hatred, lies and abuse, not to mention jealousy. This is the case history in brief. Because of course, you, Your Holiness, asked me politely to attend to Merlin and help him. Which of course I am happy to do.


By March 2003, I had just completed a long semester of full time study into Buddhism. I was defamed by the community and accused of threatening my mother with a knife in March 2003. This is an action that I did not think to engage in and did not do. It is a lie and a defamation against Vanessa Anne Walsh designed to ruin my reputation as a practicing Buddhist. As a result of being accused falsely of engaging in this action against my mother, the police arrested me and I was admitted to the psychiatric unit of the Alfred Hospital in March of 2003 for 2 weeks and placed on 2mg of risperidone. At the time my mother was under very bad pressure by the community and hallucinated these events. She has been unwell, and I feel great compassion for her condition.


Since that time I have been required to attend monthly appointments with a private psychiatrist for observation, in addition to being forced to take this 2mg of risperidone. This was the ongoing situation  until about July 2013.


Due to being defamed in this way, I have been unable to find work as a Buddhist nun or lay practitioner. The community’s confidence in me was thwarted and destroyed. I suffered post traumatic stress, as a result of being treated so harshly by the community surrounding this defamation and lie, and as a result of this shock I became ill with crohns disease further impeding my ability to work for a wage.


In 2013, after completing a number of written works, I was advised by Tara Institute that someone in the dorje shugden group of protesters to the Dalai Lama’s lineage of instruction, was trying to harm me. I was told that someone was considering to shoot me. I reported my concerns to the police force at 9pm on a Tuesday evening, in July or sometime around then in 2013. The police were requested by me to patrol the street, because for the three weeks leading up to my call to the Prahran police station that evening, a truck and a ute entered the street and parked opposite the building in which I live between 2am and 4am causing a lot of noise and general rowdy disturbance. These thus also came up the front pathway of my residence and talked outside my window considering how to engage in such an attack. I was terrified and unable to sleep. This is a case of human rights abuse and I am willing to take the stand to give evidence of such human rights abuse. I asked politely if the police could watch the area for a few hours to catch these thugs, but the police officers attending refused, preferring instead to accuse me of hallucinations. I was handcuffed and taken to the Alfred Psychiatry unit and hospitalized for one month. The hospital placed me on 150mg paliperidone monthly injection, and I was placed on a one year treatment order.


Once again the Alfred Psychiatric team chose to ignore my statements and testimony, preferring to lie about my conduct in their reporting of my behavior whilst in hospital and at the Waiora outpatient clinic.


In my attempt to gather police protection, I have once again been accused of psychotically breaking down. The police were utterly dishonest in their handling of this incident, which appears to indicate a failure of me to convince the police that contrary to me hallucinating these events of street disturbance, I was being refused police protection.


After being taken off this treatment order in 2014, I enjoyed several months of peaceful Buddhist practice without being medicated. Then in 2015 I went to visit my mother for a routine checkup of her health, but was denied entry into her building by a ferociously aggressive new caretaker to the building. I asked the caretaker to let me in to see my mother and he instead demanded that I leave the premises. I quietly agreed to do so, not understanding his hatred or delusion, and he watched me from the entrance of the building drive quietly away. This is where another defamation of my behavior and person occurred. The caretaker falsely reported to the Alfred Hospital’s psychiatric unit that week, that I tried to run him over with my vehicle as I left the premises, and he lied by stating there were three witnesses to this imagined attack. There were no witnesses and the caretaker has defamed me, causing the Alfred to once again over medicate me for an illness of schizophrenia that I do not suffer from. Schizophrenia is apparently a mental disorder that suggests the patient suffers from auditory hallucinations. I have never suffered from this.


I have now been put on 150mg paliperidone, which causes extreme levels of prolactin elevation. The readings I get from blood tests report levels of over 3000 of prolactin. For safe bodily function, prolactin levels should remain below 500. If I continue to experience ongoing prolactin elevation at this rate or level, I am at risk of contracting osteoporosis. I have requested another medication Abilify which I was put on after a time for a couple of months that does not have such side effects, but last week my car was stolen and I was assaulted by a man and the Alfred and police have used this incident as an excuse to once again put me back on paliperidone, which is causing prolactin dysfunctions and adverse side effects to my state of physical health.



I have been told by other doctors that being overmedicated by paliperidone can cause brain tumour. I am also of the opinion that I do not suffer from schizophrenia and that the Alfred Psychiatric team enjoy over medicating me for a condition or disease that I do not suffer from. They enjoy persecuting me for their own financial benefit. Therefore I wish to claim damages for medical negligence and defamation to my reputation and good name. The medical negligence I note from the team of treating psychiatrists is that they always ignore my statements of fact and honesty, preferring instead to exaggerate and lie and project problems that do not indeed occur or take place in my actions or behavior towards the doctors or anyone else.


I am humbly seeking legal protection from this abusive behavior by the Alfred and odd members within the community.


The psychiatric team treating me at the Alfred Psychiatric Unit and Outpatient clinic refuse to report on me honestly, correctly or justly. They do not attend to the facts of my case. I was lied about by several people on different occasions. Last year the criminal acts of a strange caretaker working in my mothers building led to me being arrested, hospitalized and medicated on too much anti psychotic that causes high levels of prolactin dysfunction, that can result in osteoporosis, potential brain tumour and indeed high blood pressure.


The Alfred Hospital refuse to attend to the caretaker who is the person defaming me here, lying about the events and causing me to be medicated for a disease I don’t have and behaviors of harm that I did not engage in.


The Alfred treating team are rough, negligent, dishonest, conniving, disrespectful and even showing signs of hatred towards me for daring to defend myself against these unjust and untrue claims, concerning the way I have acted in public.


I feel this is a case of human rights abuse, medical negligence and perhaps even attempted murder by a group of shockingly dishonest so called medical officers in Melbourne, Australia. I have found it very hard to get legal aid in this country and even the medical tribunal governed by the mental health act is dishonest, biased and unwilling to challenge wrong view, when presented by me the facts of the case.


Please Your Holiness, you have requested that I send through to you the case history so that you can further assist me in my fight for justice.


I am worried for my health, life and safety, because the doctors at the Alfred are rather rude, abusive and dishonest in their reporting of this case concerning the state of my health. You have stated to me that I am a Lharampa Geshe. I really need more support and indeed help in defending myself against this type of medical abuse and foul treatment.


I have always acted honestly, patiently, quietly, softly, gently and within my vowed conduct of behavior. I have not broken my vows to serve others, but I feel these people are sorely in breach of whatever medical law this sad country feels it somehow functions, when I can find no support surrounding their lousy conduct towards me.


Please get back to me. I have been bankrupted by these defamations and ridiculed by the community, who are unprepared to show support in an honest, caring and indeed, just way, for a person who has done no wrong here as the Alfred like to claim.


Yours sincerely, Vanessa Pollock, (maiden name) Vanessa Anne Walsh