A Case of Human Rights Abuse.

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30 September 2016

Attention His Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama of Tibet, Tenzin Gyatso. Urgent Request for Legal Aid, Protection, Assistance and Guidance.


  • Request for legal representation concerning the matters of defamation and medical negligence by the Alfred Psychiatric Unit and Waiora Outpatient Clinic.


Notes concerning the case of medical negligence and defamation of Vanessa Anne Walsh


I am a practicing Buddhist. Merlin Allan is my client but I can’t get him to publicly acknowledge this at this time due to the poor community attitude towards me.

I have been a long time friend of Merlin Allan. The community ripped us apart in a series of actions of hatred, lies and abuse, not to mention jealousy. This is the case history in brief. Because of course, you, Your Holiness, asked me politely to attend to Merlin and help him. Which of course I am happy to do.


By March 2003, I had just completed a long semester of full time study into Buddhism. I was defamed by the community and accused of threatening my mother with a knife in March 2003. This is an action that I did not think to engage in and did not do. It is a lie and a defamation against Vanessa Anne Walsh designed to ruin my reputation as a practicing Buddhist. As a result of being accused falsely of engaging in this action against my mother, the police arrested me and I was admitted to the psychiatric unit of the Alfred Hospital in March of 2003 for 2 weeks and placed on 2mg of risperidone. At the time my mother was under very bad pressure by the community and hallucinated these events. She has been unwell, and I feel great compassion for her condition.


Since that time I have been required to attend monthly appointments with a private psychiatrist for observation, in addition to being forced to take this 2mg of risperidone. This was the ongoing situation  until about July 2013.


Due to being defamed in this way, I have been unable to find work as a Buddhist nun or lay practitioner. The community’s confidence in me was thwarted and destroyed. I suffered post traumatic stress, as a result of being treated so harshly by the community surrounding this defamation and lie, and as a result of this shock I became ill with crohns disease further impeding my ability to work for a wage.


In 2013, after completing a number of written works, I was advised by Tara Institute that someone in the dorje shugden group of protesters to the Dalai Lama’s lineage of instruction, was trying to harm me. I was told that someone was considering to shoot me. I reported my concerns to the police force at 9pm on a Tuesday evening, in July or sometime around then in 2013. The police were requested by me to patrol the street, because for the three weeks leading up to my call to the Prahran police station that evening, a truck and a ute entered the street and parked opposite the building in which I live between 2am and 4am causing a lot of noise and general rowdy disturbance. These thus also came up the front pathway of my residence and talked outside my window considering how to engage in such an attack. I was terrified and unable to sleep. This is a case of human rights abuse and I am willing to take the stand to give evidence of such human rights abuse. I asked politely if the police could watch the area for a few hours to catch these thugs, but the police officers attending refused, preferring instead to accuse me of hallucinations. I was handcuffed and taken to the Alfred Psychiatry unit and hospitalized for one month. The hospital placed me on 150mg paliperidone monthly injection, and I was placed on a one year treatment order.


Once again the Alfred Psychiatric team chose to ignore my statements and testimony, preferring to lie about my conduct in their reporting of my behavior whilst in hospital and at the Waiora outpatient clinic.


In my attempt to gather police protection, I have once again been accused of psychotically breaking down. The police were utterly dishonest in their handling of this incident, which appears to indicate a failure of me to convince the police that contrary to me hallucinating these events of street disturbance, I was being refused police protection.


After being taken off this treatment order in 2014, I enjoyed several months of peaceful Buddhist practice without being medicated. Then in 2015 I went to visit my mother for a routine checkup of her health, but was denied entry into her building by a ferociously aggressive new caretaker to the building. I asked the caretaker to let me in to see my mother and he instead demanded that I leave the premises. I quietly agreed to do so, not understanding his hatred or delusion, and he watched me from the entrance of the building drive quietly away. This is where another defamation of my behavior and person occurred. The caretaker falsely reported to the Alfred Hospital’s psychiatric unit that week, that I tried to run him over with my vehicle as I left the premises, and he lied by stating there were three witnesses to this imagined attack. There were no witnesses and the caretaker has defamed me, causing the Alfred to once again over medicate me for an illness of schizophrenia that I do not suffer from. Schizophrenia is apparently a mental disorder that suggests the patient suffers from auditory hallucinations. I have never suffered from this.


I have now been put on 150mg paliperidone, which causes extreme levels of prolactin elevation. The readings I get from blood tests report levels of over 3000 of prolactin. For safe bodily function, prolactin levels should remain below 500. If I continue to experience ongoing prolactin elevation at this rate or level, I am at risk of contracting osteoporosis. I have requested another medication Abilify which I was put on after a time for a couple of months that does not have such side effects, but last week my car was stolen and I was assaulted by a man and the Alfred and police have used this incident as an excuse to once again put me back on paliperidone, which is causing prolactin dysfunctions and adverse side effects to my state of physical health.



I have been told by other doctors that being overmedicated by paliperidone can cause brain tumour. I am also of the opinion that I do not suffer from schizophrenia and that the Alfred Psychiatric team enjoy over medicating me for a condition or disease that I do not suffer from. They enjoy persecuting me for their own financial benefit. Therefore I wish to claim damages for medical negligence and defamation to my reputation and good name. The medical negligence I note from the team of treating psychiatrists is that they always ignore my statements of fact and honesty, preferring instead to exaggerate and lie and project problems that do not indeed occur or take place in my actions or behavior towards the doctors or anyone else.


I am humbly seeking legal protection from this abusive behavior by the Alfred and odd members within the community.


The psychiatric team treating me at the Alfred Psychiatric Unit and Outpatient clinic refuse to report on me honestly, correctly or justly. They do not attend to the facts of my case. I was lied about by several people on different occasions. Last year the criminal acts of a strange caretaker working in my mothers building led to me being arrested, hospitalized and medicated on too much anti psychotic that causes high levels of prolactin dysfunction, that can result in osteoporosis, potential brain tumour and indeed high blood pressure.


The Alfred Hospital refuse to attend to the caretaker who is the person defaming me here, lying about the events and causing me to be medicated for a disease I don’t have and behaviors of harm that I did not engage in.


The Alfred treating team are rough, negligent, dishonest, conniving, disrespectful and even showing signs of hatred towards me for daring to defend myself against these unjust and untrue claims, concerning the way I have acted in public.


I feel this is a case of human rights abuse, medical negligence and perhaps even attempted murder by a group of shockingly dishonest so called medical officers in Melbourne, Australia. I have found it very hard to get legal aid in this country and even the medical tribunal governed by the mental health act is dishonest, biased and unwilling to challenge wrong view, when presented by me the facts of the case.


Please Your Holiness, you have requested that I send through to you the case history so that you can further assist me in my fight for justice.


I am worried for my health, life and safety, because the doctors at the Alfred are rather rude, abusive and dishonest in their reporting of this case concerning the state of my health. You have stated to me that I am a Lharampa Geshe. I really need more support and indeed help in defending myself against this type of medical abuse and foul treatment.


I have always acted honestly, patiently, quietly, softly, gently and within my vowed conduct of behavior. I have not broken my vows to serve others, but I feel these people are sorely in breach of whatever medical law this sad country feels it somehow functions, when I can find no support surrounding their lousy conduct towards me.


Please get back to me. I have been bankrupted by these defamations and ridiculed by the community, who are unprepared to show support in an honest, caring and indeed, just way, for a person who has done no wrong here as the Alfred like to claim.


Yours sincerely, Vanessa Pollock, (maiden name) Vanessa Anne Walsh







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