War – (part one)

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This is evidence of course of terrorism and wrong view engaged in by haters of the Dalai Lama retinue.


2015; Approximately one week prior to the Yamantaka retreat at the Blue Mountains in Sydney, NSW.

It ws a sunshiny autumn day. Clear skies, no wind. I had to pack to prepare for a tour of His Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama of Tibet. Remember, Tibet isn’t Chinese, although it has been known to be corrupt, hence the invasion by China, the communist regime that murdered 1 million Tibetans and destroyed six thousand monasteries, prior to the cultural revolution that Mao Tse Tung orchestrated which brought the whole world into a state of utter chaos.

Climbing into my car, I drove down a busy street, lined with golden and red autumn leaves. They are dead mind you. What do people have in mind for me? After driving fifteen minutes and nearly reaching the highway, a car full of thugs approached and started to harass me on the road from behind. I picked up speed, trying to get out of their way, but upon entering the highway they appeared from my rear view mirror to become even more threatening and out of control. As we took of from the lights, I noticed a bus and several cars swerve to get out of these thugs way, as their car chased me down the highway.

Several minutes later, I pulled off the highway in disgust, and jumped out of the car that stopped in a no standing zone, to hide. The middle eastern thugs approached warning me not to get back into the car, because they threatened to detonate a car bomb. I was hiding, but heard them as they approached my empty vehicle.

Several tense minutes later, they left, and I ran off down a neigbouring street, shitting as went, in terror. I made my way slowly to a friends residence. No mobile phone, no keys, no wallet, I was terrified and in distress. This all took place between 9:20am and 10am early one morning.

At approximately 10:30am or 11am I sought refuge at Tara Instiute’s Café Bliss, and was given some food and money to return home. I decided to catch the train, because I had become frightened of the road. It took me until 4pm to get home, so frightened was I. I called the police to report the incident, but no action was taken and I was fined for parking in a no standing zone. It took me one month to recover the vehicle, because I had to investigate just how serious this car bombing threat was. The police never got back to me, but it is a clear example of how shugden practitioners hate the followers of the Dalai Lama and seek to destroy the Buddhist practitioners’ inner peace and safe lifestyle wherever possible.

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