What an inauspicious start to the New Year

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Watch the government of Australia blow up your hard earned tax dollar. Modern Day New year’s Celebrations are a perfect example of how these governments lack  compassion. If you study the bigotedness, and the immoral way business conducts itself, the suffering it causes in the minds of the young, middle-aged and elderly, it’s refusal to adopt a proper study of the mind, from the Buddhist perspective, where people are encouraged to abandon the negative action and to promote virtuous conduct, from the point of view of the vinaya and to figure out the truth of the pratimoksha vow, you can’t do anything but agree. I think what you find in business culture is unethical workplace relations, slave driving and of course, corruption.

In the space of about 5 minutes, you can see the Governments of Sydney and Melbourne explode what could cover one person’s expenses for almost a whole lifetime, by wasting the tax dollar on a mindless fireworks display. 5 million dollars for the Melbourne and Sydney fireworks. Whoever thought this is a good way to spend such a large amount of cash?

Drunks and drugtakers who can’t think logically won’t agree with me I’m sure, but Australia just isn’t that loaded, dear. What happened to morality? Obviously, those in charge of such a decision to spend this sort of cash on meaningless, offensive fireworks haven’t discussed science of mind and heart very well. Who cares if 500 thousand cram into the city to see the display. They never considered the value of a precious human rebirth very well. Toxic drunkeness and cowardly bullshit is what drives this sort of poverty of thought and action. Are you happy heading towards the life of a fish or chicken?

Gosh, happy new year.



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