How to create a pure realm

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Why do humans live in such a contaminated environment? One where there are harmful creatures like spiders, and so forth? This all comes from the false view of a self and of course, wrong view; the delusions within the mind.

What is the original sin that the Christians talk about? That of course is the false view of the self, seeing the I and mine as inherently existent, existing from it’s own side, when in fact it is empty of such an existence. The I, the self and what is mine, lacks inherent existence whilst cause and effect and dependent arising are unfailing.

The misconception of a self has been with the sentient being since begingless time. It’s a mistaken view of phenomena and of the self. The emptiness of the self of persons and of phenomena is what corrects the wrong view within the mind or heart and the ignorance that afflicts the mind of all sentient beings causing the three types of suffering, or the six types of suffering, such as being thrown without control from life within the six realms to various states without choice, having to leave a body and take on a new body, in a very suffering and miserable way.

How to fix or correct and heal the suffering or ordinary experience of sentient beings by making them happy, free of suffering and wise or all knowing? That’s a big subject and a very interesting field of study organized by Mahayana Buddhists. All beings wish for happiness and freedom from suffering, but non virtue in the actions of body, speech and mind create suffering and virtue is the source of happiness, good conduct, a proper foundation for life and freedom from miserable or contaminated states of experience.

In the small scope section of the path to Buddhahood, we learn how to recognize the authentic, valid safe and reliable spiritual guide. Where is he from, what is his background, what are his achievements and so forth? Without knowing what is reliable to rely upon and how to turn to a Buddha or bodhisattva for help and guidance, one remains stuck in the cycle of samara and suffering.

One must also study the lineage, the lives of past wise masters and compassionate guides and learn how they did things that created the state of definite exit or freedom from the six suffering realms of cyclic existence. Once you really understand what is safe to rely upon and what makes these spiritual guides different or capable or able of leading others beyond the cycle of suffering, you need to impress upon yourself the need to study wholesomely and diligently or conscientiously; how to listen and study the dharma or science of body, speech and mind properly, without engaging in the three faults of the vessel.

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