What happened on this day – Saturday June 5, 2004 from A Captains Logbook

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His Holiness once said, if you live your life well, you get the opportunity to review it. Take a look and enjoy.

Saturday June 5, 2004

Thinking about starting a journal.

It’s Julia’s birthday today. Julia is thirty years old. I am thirty-five. Christian is thirty-nine, Anne is seventy-three, Geshe Doga is sixty-nine next month, How old is Ben?  Christian’s Dad is the same age as Rinpoche and His Holiness. Christian’s Mother is sixty-seven.  Life goes so quickly. Birth, aging, sickness and death.  I was sick yesterday; vomiting and a headache. Last time I vomited was the day Rinpoche left for Canada, about five weeks ago.

This is my new computer.  It’s six days old. It is very nice. It’s nice to look at and nice to use. Is Dell.  Is Good. (Note to self. Actually, Mum told me to buy a Dell. I prefer Apple. But it seems even though I’m paying I don’t have a choice in the matter.)

Living here at Magic Mountain reminds me of what Anne and Graeme achieved in their life together. The beauty, comfort, stability and security of this place reminds me of them. It’s a very nice place to live and I am very fortunate to be living here.  It’s also an example of Ben and Anne’s kindness.

Today the weather is overcast, calm, no wind and the temperature is cool.

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Friday January 4, 2019

In review, what was also going on in June 2004 was much hatred in the minds of beings. The allied forces were battling the Iraq War, people were tense, upset and suffering. I’m trying to make ends meet, and I have yet to discover or be diagnosed with a chronic disease, stemming from the pressures one endures from facing so much antagonism and anger within the local and national community.

Poor Australia. It has yet to discover that only by engaging in virtue one hundred percent of the time, adopting the pratimoksha vow and upholding ethics, can one lay a proper foundation from which to live one’s life and to secure future happiness, higher rebirth and inner success.

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