Come on, Come on – What? I have to spend 5.7 Billion Dollars for a border wall to block out Mexico’s illegal immigrants?

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This is Donald Trump. Hmmm, but I am a billionaire and I like spending money.

The people: Hmmm, but Donald, darling, we don’t have 5.7 billion dollars to spend on a border wall.

What’s the drum, babe? Well, the thing is, isn’t America still paying off the Iraq War? I have one answer to this. Send the invoice to China. It’s been engaging in an unholy amount of espionage.

So, we all know, the Don likes to spend money. How much does it cost the American people annually in illegal border immigrants? 5.7 Billion is just a ridiculous amount to spend. This is why the Democrats consider other options regarding this problem the Americans face concerning illegal immigrants. Has the treasury done the equation? What’s more, what is the threat of terrorists from the South? If you fear doing evil, if you fear non-virtue and it’s consequence, you are on the right pathway. If you drum up fear, because you’ve got no logic and nothing meaningful to say, you’re a deadshit.

What if they blow a hole through the wall? That’s terrorism. Why doesn’t America consider virtue? Mexico clearly has no cash. I vote for Nancy Pelosi and her friend Schumer. What are these other options? Clearly drugs are something people should avoid and abandon, but where is the education system in America? Get to know yourself, the mind, and study mind science from the Mahayana Buddhist perspective. I’m not talking shit, you mountain full of delusions. You need to meditate on the Buddha to obtain a proper perspective. The Buddha abandoned the delusions of the heart and mind and went beyond the cycle of suffering, to the attainment of enlightenment, where all obstructions of the heart were cessated and the perfections of the mind were realised. That’s the only way out of this unholy mess of misery, confusion and corruption.

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