Do you really need Jenny Craig for weight loss? I think not!

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I have a much better idea, having tried out Jenny Craig for a couple of weeks.


Tea and toast with jam



Green salad with mixed lettuce, rocket and avocado with a good dressing



Vegetable or fruit juice and some laughing cow cheese



Blueberries and raspberries with honey and natural yoghurt


This diet is low in kilojoules and perfect for the middle aged. This is my suggestion. Personally, I don’t really like eating meat, so lots of fruit and salad with some vegetable or fruit juice is really all I need and some tea.

Let’s see the weight come off with at least 40 minutes of walking done on the treadmill daily. My ten minutes, break, ten minutes routine to gently raise the heart rate without feeling too overdone with a massive aerobic workout.

This diet is sensible. Vegetarian, ethical and good for the body, speech and mind.


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