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I often say, staying present, fully present is important. Stop the worried thoughts of the past and future, what’s happened already or what might happen. Fear should never control one. Buddha’s are fearless. How did they attain the state of fearlessness? Firstly, if you accomplish the skill and wisdom to achieve your own means and then that of others as well, that will reduce or wipeout fearfulness. When you stop harming yourself and others, when you develop compassion and the wisdom realising emptiness, you become a more useful member of the family, the community, the society and the world.

How do you stay fully present? If you focus or concentrate with single pointed concentration, a mental quiescence, and a serenity of mind on the present moment, just concentrating with conscientiousness on the actions of your body, speech and mind, you can attain a mental stability. Without serenity of mind, you can’t attain mental and physical pliancy. You need mental and physical pliancy to evolve in a more virtuous direction, cutting off negative states of mind or instinct for negativity and moving in a more virtuous way.

Meditation means to become familiar with virtue. We need to tie our mind with the rope of mindfulness to the object of meditation, which is the Buddha, to learn how to be virtuous in every moment, how to cut off and to abandon all negativity and non-virtue and ride with a positive mind, a mind motivated to be beneficial to oneself and others at all times.


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