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How does a day at the office go for a samsaric being? A being caught in ignorance, attachment and hatred states of mind. It wakes up, what, not at five in the morning ready to do prayers to remedy the situation. It says furiously to itself. Fuck, I need some money. Fucking, fucking fuck, who can I get to pay for me? What? I need to fuck for a living? Have a child with a man I don’t care about, and then pretend to be a caring mother? Just to get the bills paid. Divorce, no problem. I’ll take the man for everything he’s worth. Bring him down and accuse him of moral weakness.

Are you that stupid? Do you hate the actions of morality that much? Laziness is an enemy and you can find it within. No, religious practioners tend to figure out ignorance is the cause of all suffering. Not the Catholics however, or is that going too far? So you find you’re just a prionsoner of cyclic existence. Isn’t it time to wake up to honesty, decency and integrity? How does the average woman find this? Utterly disturbing? You need to hold yourself to account.

Who hates the Dalai Lama and his retinue? The Chinese are commonly known to be thieves, rapists and murderers. Anyone else? Well Shugden of course. Do you know people like this? People that kill to cover up the truth. What I say is if you create and action of body, speech or mind, there is an effect. If the action was pure, well motivated and virtuous there is a positive or happy, healthy effect. However, if the action is motivated by evil or negative states of mind, you suffer. You create the causes of suffering. Follow the path to the cessation of suffering and learn how to attain the cessation of suffering. It is the only virtuous way.



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