In the mood for pancakes?

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Why don’t people think of eating some pancakes, honey and ice-cream for dinner instead of eating meat? I love being a vegetarian, however on occasion I’ve had to eat some meat. I don’t like it. Vegetarianism is way better. It’s ethical, it’s caring and it’s kind and compassionate.

How can you eat a mother, even if it is just the flesh and enjoy? Look at the suffering that being had to endure whilst it was being slaughtered. It’s just not cricket. I know, the pig, for example is rather stupid. What negative actions of body, speech and mind did it do to get the life of a pig? Nevertheless, no need for us, as humans to indulge in eating such flesh. Look, it’s called meat, of course. Why? Because humans are trying to forget that they slaughtered the poor thing and engaged in the wrong and negative act of killing.

Anyway, eating pancakes is not bad for your stomach. The dough is soft, easy to digest and delicious with some honey. You don’t need too big a serving. Just a pancake or two, depending on the size of the pancake. Just nibble away at it and know that you are not involved in the criminal act of taking life. Don’t you feel better? Even where someone else does the killing, why create the demand for meat?

I was at university once, studying arts and business and I read Peter Singer’s book, Animal Liberation. Well, I tried but even by the very beginning of the book it became painfully obvious that the horror of the meat industry is so great, it just left me traumatised and in tears of compassion for these poor animals, who face such cruelty being organised for consumption or testing and experimentation.

Please people, why not pray to Arya Chenrezig, Compassionate Eyed One, for some help developing a more compassionate heart. It helps us to consider the lives of all sentient beings. Pray to Chenrezig and become a sweeter, kinder person. No-one benefits from the meat industry. Let the meat producer get a better life and work in a more beneficial area.


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