A Captain’s Logbook – Wednesday 14 July 2004


Dharma Practice

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Time for a change of script.
Vanessa was feeling shocking. Elsa, Verna Anne’s cleaner, approached Vanessa whilst cleaning the apartment. Elsa said, “What music do you listen to Vanessa?” Gosh. Vanessa said, “I gave away, actually lost, all my music when I moved house. This is not due to Geshe Doga saying, No need box. I was unable to pack some things into boxes.” Elsa replied, “That’s a pity, because food, music and whatty whatty were the best things in life.” Really?  Elsa then left the room apparently. Did she? Ness surfed and found Vivaldi then a related website, Brana Records, which is now playing a nice Beethoven Piano Concerto No 1 in C.
The other day Vanessa looked up Justin’s website for HUSK.  Quite good really.  He has opened three stores, one in Toorak, Albert Park and the City (Paris end of Collins St no less).  Pretty good going.

Wow, now I’m listening to Rachmaninoff Piano concerto in C minor.  I remember this one.

Wednesday Evening

Taking refuge in the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha and generating bodhicitta. Then, no, after some time, listening to some MP3. Thinking of emailing Jeremy Cohen, but not too sure.  Haven’t heard from Anne today.  Ben and Anne told me yesterday that they were travelling to Cairns for lunch, so Anne and Ben are probably tired. Julia hasn’t rung me for a while. Julia got stroppy with Vanessa last time we spoke. Can’t stand to hear an opinion different from her own. Horrible girl.


Just spoke to Anne.  Anne isn’t much better. Sounding very removed. It’s the harsh realities of life. What is going to become of me? Worry, worry. Is Mum interested in supporting Vanessa’s dharma practice?

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