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Dharma Practice

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I’m going to try and write about what happened in my retreat and how things got so difficult with my family.

I really need to begin at the beginning. What happened to me as a person, when I started to get to know Geshela and take the teachings at Tara House seriously.

This is a long story, so I will be patient, and try to show what happened to Vanessa and her family, once I developed the bodhicitta mind aspiring to and engaging on the path to the cessation of suffering, to achieve the cessation of suffering, Buddhahood.

More Dharma Practice

Enjoyment arises from practicing ethical conduct correctly and rejoicing in virtuous deeds.


It will take me some time to explain, but I will take it step by step and see what develops.

One of the qualities that attracted Vanessa to Christian way back when Vanessa was twenty-one years of age, and first getting to know Christian, was that Christian was not like all the other Aussie Larrikins that Vanessa knew at the time. Many of the young men Vanessa knew at that time were interested in the football culture and keen on a beer. Vanessa isn’t critical of a friendly, harmonious get together, but non-virtue is no good for anyone.

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