Buddha Mind, Thoughts for the Day, Monday 29 November, 2004 – A Captain’s Logbook continued

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Dharma Practice

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Moving right along.  Don’t seem to be too good at those daily entries. The year has really rolled on by. Today I’ve been considering social work as a career possibility.  There is an accelerated two year program at Monash which looks interesting.  Still there is more money in psychology apparently. Christian still favors psychology.

Just went for a swim this morning and then cooked lunch.  Have to try and get back into an earlier wake up routine. Last night I didn’t get to sleep till too late and then woke up late.  That is really annoying. The swim felt grand though, so maybe there is hope for me yet.

Buddhist Advice

Buddhist Advice for the virtuously motivated.


Verna sounded not so good today when I rang her. Health really is a day to day thing. This afternoon Debbie is giving me a massage. The massage really works wonders.  I am enjoying seeing her.  It is really very kind that she has offered to massage me.

Julia will be back in 9 days.

Today is hot outside.  The cricket is on.  Australia and New Zealand test series. Not much on Foxtel.

More Dharma Practice

Enjoyment arises from practicing ethical conduct correctly and rejoicing in virtuous deeds.



If you think you don’t have thoughts like this, be more honest with yourself. Young people, middle aged people especially all wonder about how to create a virtuous living, right livelihood for themselves. Once I read a book when I was twenty-one by Thich Nhat Hanh. He talked to the world about the need for white action. What is white action? Really, it is His Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama that talks profoundly about this subject. His Holiness is a safe, reliable and valid spiritual guide, and He is my root guru.


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