James Packer’s $100m farewell gift wrapped in a private equity riddle

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James Packer 2020 2

Really? The Australian told us it was $200 million. Got money James? Pity about the lack of wisdom and compassion. Like splashing the cash and talking blood, bones and money? Where are you going in your next rebirth? Hell?

So this slut is suiting your needs? What? Like financially?

How’s scientology serving you these days? Difficult, isn’t it, not following a genuine saint and philosopher, mind scientist doctor of medicine, art, religion and logic?

What? You like giving your cash to the genocidal maniacs from China? What’s wrong with you James? You are afraid to feel the pain of the community. You think you are better? How so? You have no ethics, concentration, or wisdom. Where is your good heart?

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