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This evening I tuned into Channel Nine’s documentary on Britney Spears, called Framing Britney Spears. As I reflect upon what appears to be community concern over Britney’s mental state and of course her health and well being, I find myself asking the question to His Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso, why is Britney so unhappy?

We all understand back just before 2008, Britney lost custody of her two children. Hard of course, but firstly, what did Britney do wrong to Justin Timberlake earlier to cause such a nasty split and then what else went wrong with Federline? Is Britney sinning, which of course is the cause giving rise to such suffering?

Secondly, when Britney’s father, Jamie took over as custodian of her estate, he appears to have stepped back into her life when things were not going too well. So Jamie Spears may well have tried to help her. This appears to be why the courts refuse to give control of the finances back to Britney. Why then does Britney show no gratitude towards her father? For some time now, Jamie has been managing Britney’s career. Britney is making some money, but she may well be proven to be very divisive, because when she walked off stage at the beginning of another year heralded as being Queen of Las Vegas, she let down a big group of supporters.

Why does Britney not just thank her father for his ongoing concern? What’s he doing wrong? Having family support, if it is healthy, is a good thing.

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