What to do when you won’t turn to the deity for medical help.


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Wisdom: You see, there have been some very authentic, safe, reliable, valid and very qualified spiritual Gurus teaching dharma. They have been touring the world with their retinues, offering initiations, empowerment’s, and general guidance on the stages of the path to Buddhahood.

Ignorance: Really, what would you know?

Wisdom: You see with the recent COVID 19 outbreak, pandemic, if you had all just kept your vows of moral conduct, stayed isolated, worn your masks when shopping, and shut up, you could have taken the Simanada Empowerment from Tenzin Gyatso, and practiced deity yoga and mantra recitation, the pathway to cessate the cause of the disease and suffering. Then Australia wouldn’t have had to take on a trillion dollar debt, (our national debt previously was nearly completely paid off).
So, you all think with your lack of faith, honesty and virtuous conduct, that a deity like Simanada, who can conquer any disease can’t do that. Ignorance thinks, either I can’t be bothered making the effort to train the mind and become familiar with virtue, and you won’t recognise the supremacy of the Buddha and his ability to solve and deal effectively with such problems.

Ignorance: Oh, why don’t you just fuck off?

Wisdom: You see, I will possibly leave you pathetic hell beings to experience your ongoing state of utter misery, but what are you going to die of now? See, unless you are a Buddha, your life as a sentient being is pervaded by suffering, because you haven’t got off your ugly arse and done something constructive to cessate the cause. So, if you would just wake up and think clearly about the four noble truths and the two truths, you would find you could practice the only path that has the ability and potential to improve your situation. That is to practice the path to the cessation of suffering, to achieve the cessation of suffering.

See, you think you can trust your GP? He is really just an atheist and an unknown quantity to the public. Atheism is extremism. It is nihilism, and denies the operation of the Three Jewels and the law of cause and effect. You, the sentient being, which has been long discussed by Shantideva, just blindly run towards suffering and it’s cause as though it is a friend; and you blindly run away from happiness and it’s cause as though it is an enemy. You see, the western scientist denies the functioning of the mind. The body is the OM, the speech is the AH and the mind is the HUM. As Lama Tsong Khapa says, you need to watch the actions of the body speech and mind and always ensure those actions you engage in are always white actions, and virtuous actions.

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