A Captain’s Logbook – Tuesday Evening 7 February 2023

Buddhism, Education, Health, Medicine

In the past year we have seen the COVID 19 pandemic lockdown, and the passing of Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth. We have also seen Prince Charles enthroned as King Charles. I write this as I just finish a delicious cup of Tibetan tea. I’m not having a Tsampa with it however, as I was enjoying nearly a year ago.

This is Buddhism.

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That’s Vajradhara.

This is Prasangika Madhyamaka. I’m a mother too. It’s very hard watching beings suffer. What we really need to realise is that both suffering and happiness have specific causes and therefore very different consequences. The cause of suffering is non virtue and delusion. The cause of happiness is virtue.

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This is why I love being vegetarian! As we should educate you to know, that clearly isn’t an actual bear. A wild bear would just rip the shit out of you.
Like it’s told here. It’s good to wake up out of the cruel sea of samsara and aspire to and create the causes for enlightenment.

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