A Captain’s Logbook February 28 2023

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It’s been eleven weeks since my admission into the Alfred Hospital, December 2022. I thought I was taken to hospital on a Sunday morning, but the Ambulance Service thinks, maybe not. Hang on a minute. That was my previous hospital admission to The Epworth Hospital in November 2022, for a week.

Both hospitals were great to me. The food at The Epworth Hospital was yummy. I know. How amazing! Delicious hospital food, wonderful medicine, doctoring , nursing and care. However, apparently one stay in hospital was not enough. Just a few weeks later, and I collapsed sick again. I barely remember how I left the bedroom. The Ambulance Service was great. The Alfred Hospital was wonderful, and all the staff looked after me very well. On December 8 my heart rate dropped to just 40 and my blood pressure was down below 100. I got a bad throat infection and lost my voice and couldn’t talk above a little whisper.

Nine weeks on yesterday since the discharge from the Alfred hospital , and I had an appointment with the physiotherapist, from the hospital, at home. When I returned home from the Alfred hospital on December 20, I could barely climb the stairs up to my residence. Happily, after doing some exercises to help improve my physical strength with the physiotherapist yesterday, I found that my walking and climbing ability was much improved and not as difficult.

Anyway, as some sort of Losar Tibetan New Year’s resolution , I began today with a forty minute walking and breathing meditation on the treadmill. I completed just over a kilometre of walking and breathing meditation for twenty minutes, whilst burning off a little over 70 calories. Then, after resting for a few minutes and enjoying a refreshing drink of natural sparkling mineral water, I did some more walking and breathing meditation for another twenty minutes. So, that was just over two kilometres of walking and breathing meditation, whilst burning off 150 calories in forty minutes. Very relaxing, and happy to be working on strength and endurance, and gradually crafting my day and building a positive routine at home for this year, the Tibetan Year of the Water Rabbit 2150 (starting February 21, 2023).

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