Songbook on Emptiness- Penetrating the Essence

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Manifesting in Clear Light

A Commentary to 

Nights in the Moon Lily Garden

An interpretive piece of writing, written with the viewpoint to demolish lustful attachment and desire


Vanessa Anne Walsh

Copyright © 2013 Vanessa Anne Walsh


This writing is dedicated to my best friend. He has always been my best friend. His kindness is unmatched. His wisdom deep. His humor brilliant. His knowledge profound. His vision great.

Not that I want to carry on about it or anything like that.

Come on a journey with me towards the greatest happiness, compassion and wisdom you will ever know or experience.

Don’t spiral out of control. Get over yourselves and realize the Buddha understands you more than you at the moment.

Make offerings to the Buddha for the benefit of all sentient beings, and get off the train wreck of the human condition.

That is the path to enlightenment. Where freedom from suffering is attainable only if you reject and refrain from harming other motherly sentient beings.

Introduction to Songbook on Emptiness

By the way, no hair and makeup artists here. We don’t like deceiving others into thinking that the human form; with all it’s blood bone and excrement that is filthy apparently is attractive, so why bother with overpriced clothing? Yes, how natural of us. We are authentic Buddhist Practitioners, who actually tread the path away and out of suffering.

Welcome to Buddhism, Tibetan Mahayana Buddhism, the one that doesn’t truly, substantially or inherently exist

This is a non-sectarian Buddhist service, happily brought to you by Vanessa Anne Walsh.

I have long been a good friend of many great masters, and after much study, contemplation and meditation, I would like to comment upon issues that are relevant to growing the prosperity, ethics and inner peace of the world-wide community. This means acting virtuously, not just at the local and family level, but also at the global and universal level.

This is about improving the education of the Australian public.

It is my experience that people in general are sorely in need of the type of inner wisdom and compassion, ethics, patience, enthusiasm and generosity that harnesses one’s inner potential and flourishes the dharma, both within and without. It is my view that the mental continuums of modern day humans are too overrun by worldly conceptions and a frenetic type of busyness and restlessness, that is just absolutely unhealthy and works only to frustrate the individuals and communities strive for inner peace, freedom from suffering, liberation and enlightenment.

I hope you enjoy this website, which offers a newsletter, comments on Buddhist practices that flourish inner peace and happiness, and a discussion on the food bowl; learning how to eat more healthily to help overcome the variety of illnesses and diseases modern day humans are bombarded with.

Big love, Vanessa

Enjoy the dharma discussion and get involved by commenting