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Sentient beings are afflicted with the three poisonous delusions: anger/hatred, attachment/desire/lust, and ignorance/the false view of the transitory collection. At the moment I am working with a great team of virtuous beings to cut off the core of anger.

We as a nation, let alone a world, do not want or need to go to war. It is time to consider and motivate our actions of body, speech and mind towards traversing the path to the cessation of suffering. We need to achieve the cessation of suffering to attain freedom from suffering and to develop a proper understanding of the word of the Lord Buddha, his method and wisdom and to support the Sangha as they strive to defeat and to conquer the causes of samsara; the cycle of suffering.

Yesterday we had a very successful day of cessating a part of that core anger. We as a people need to go beyond the cycle of suffering to higher rebirth, liberation from throwing karma and ultimately to the fully purified and fully perfected state of enlightenment. Enlightenment is the fully transcendent and all knowing state of Buddhahood. To achieve Buddhahood and to completely cessate the primary and secondary delusions from the mind, is to achieve the meaning of life.

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