What happened to all the cash? Did bitcoin take it all?

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What happens when a news story is really just a scam? Let’s start with what is actually going on around the currency bitcoin. All around the world, throughout the news and the media, people appear to be lying about the benefits of getting involved with bitcoin.

When the story starts with an apparent report published by The Financial Review, (is that reputable or not), and the billionaire James Packer is cited to be recommending investing in a cryptocurrency company trading bitcoin, why does that turn heads enough to do nothing but cause financial loss? When is a media report assuredly only a scam, and why is The Financial Review involved or publishing the bitcoin investment as something worthwhile to get involved with? Indeed, the pictures show an apparently happy journalist with his precious family talking up how much money he is making from investing in bitcoin. Sadly it’s only a lie causing people to lose their spare cash.

Here is yet another example of the famous billionaire, Sir Richard Branson, discussing the benefits of bitcoin investment. Here comes the David Kosh scandal, and how is that just another scam? GPT Connect was reportedly discussed by David Kosh as being the way to make a million dollars in just a few months, after investing with GPT Connect just $357.00. The problem again is that with this scam and many others with different names discussing these media personalities words and recommendations, once you put your money into bitcoin and let other people trade bitcoin on your behalf, if you do make money, the scam will not let you capitalise and withdraw the gains from these so called bitcoin trades.

Why not invest your hard earned cash here and get trust worthy advice from an educated Buddhist scholar? Do yourself a favour and move away from these lunatics offering rubbish that doesn’t do anything but harm. Big name, big media, big mess. When are the public going to recognise an authentic, safe, reliable and valid spiritual guide and tradition?

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