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Dream a little dream of me

What was The Dalai Lama doing just one year ago, when Peter Gaston recorded 54 thousand views of this dance moves music video on YouTube. It’s all deeply suspicious. What was Tenzin up to? Practicing his moves to The Bus Stop perhaps? Archives say, that on March 18, 2022, Tenzin Gyatso was kindly, ethically and compassionately giving students a wonderful discourse on The Jataka Tales. Children, are you tuned in?

Gorgeous. You Dhaka’s and dakinis, go to your respective abodes.
How wonderful to be able to treat the young, middle aged and old with such respect. Take it away Sam! Thank you Tenzin Gyatso. For many a long time, you Glorious Chenrezig, have very appropriately taught your students and indeed children on the downfalls of samsara and the ugliness of the flesh, or unpurified body. You are a great Buddhist master and peaceful or wrathful Saint, and not, as delusional demonic and uneducated idiots try to spit at you, in an unholy rage, something else, that isn’t even worth mentioning.
Vesak or Saka Dawa. Praise the good Lord Shakyamuni and his authentic lineage Lamas, for they abide in the ten Paramitas.

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