Why Monash University is not a good understanding of anything

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Working as a research scientist several years ago at Monash University Clayton Campus, hired to complete a study on aging in the population of Victoria, I was to meet with the corruption and ignorance of Monash University. Angelo Iezzi, (the then director of the research project), previously a naturopath, hired Vanessa Anne Walsh, previously a student and graduate of Monash University.

I have studied business, arts and science, psychology and philosophy at Monash University, FPMT (Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition), and Melbourne University. I have been a student of Buddhism for over thirty years. I work closely with The Office of His Holiness, and found during my time as research officer, that the research director Angelo, very much opposed and threw away any practice of compassion and wisdom practiced by me, Vanessa Anne Walsh, in favour of cavorting with the younger students and manipulating the research projects collection of data.

At first, Angelo Iezzi, appeared to be happy to get me involved in the research project apparently aimed at investigating aging within the population. After several months of gathering data however, Angelo became increasingly aggressive during the interviews with the research participants. Angelo used to relish the opportunity to belittle and put down the older people he cornered to volunteer for the research project. Angelo used to get aggressive when I treated the elderly with dignity, respect and compassion and eventually did not hesitate to show he was more interested in getting it on sexually with the younger and more naive students of the university, approaching Angelo, in the ridiculous notion and hope of being contracted to a very corrupt research project that to their young eyes offered some good money.

It would be fair to say Angelo Iezzi indeed hated getting involved with the elderly. How then, are we to take seriously the so called results of research conducted by this study? Moreover, are more or all scientific studies conducted by Australian Universities conducted this very biased and manipulated way?

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