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Just taking some notes, really. Do you remember The Dead Pool, starring Clint Eastwood, Jim Carrey and Liam Neeson? Funny stuff really. First of all, did you root for Clint’s character or the Mafia?

In this society, who in reality is really innocent? This is a funny turn of phrase. If we were all Buddhas, there would be no negative karmas to extinguish. But clearly, from my point of view, I don’t believe humans are that well developed. Now that is actually a good point for debate. Did we actually advance from the time of Guru Buddha Shakyamuni, or just go backwards, into a state of degradation and decline? This is what The Lord Buddha Shakyamuni referred to as the age of degeneration.

Let’s just discuss the first scene. The poor cop, just driving either to or from or where to, get’s shot at by a bunch of narcissists. Why? Does anyone ever bother to question. Doesn’t he too, in reality have a negative mind, poisoned by attachment, hatred and ignorance, jealousy, pride and wrong view? Death and impermanence is in fact, just a day to day reality for the majority of ordinary humans. Or not? Is he really a Bodhisattva (a Buddha to be) or a pure reality? Judging from the amount of shots fired towards the cop, one could refreshingly state that this is really just a load of bullshit. No-one could ever really survive such an attack. So the movie has no value, even from this early opening position. Hollywood, why are you so stupid?

But it, (the movie) was so popular in its time. Why so? Are the people, its audience really that stupid? One would have to conclude, yes. Do you have any questions? A valid cognition knows and understands of no such reality. A valid mind, a valid cognition and a valid speech, goes beyond such a degraded cycle of misery and suffering. That society, the one where outcasts live in tall buildings, that they are wildly told is some sort of icon proclaiming development, is really just a terror to the mind and body. A no mans land, devoid of spiritual freedom and validity, an encasement or shell, actually in reality just a symbol of a lack of love, happiness, inner peace and true understanding of compassion, patience, wisdom and joy.

The average person, in reality, is not smart enough to support such a structure, without having to violently resort to a great deal of negative action, of body, speech and mind. So, on this level, The Dead Pool speaks to this utterly false assumption. That such a society is a necessity to mankind. These days, false, abortive governments only seem to speak of the need for continuous growth. This places the people of such conditions under the most absurd and negative pressure.

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Buddha Mind, Thoughts for the Day, Monday 29 November, 2004 – A Captain’s Logbook continued

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Moving right along.  Don’t seem to be too good at those daily entries. The year has really rolled on by. Today I’ve been considering social work as a career possibility.  There is an accelerated two year program at Monash which looks interesting.  Still there is more money in psychology apparently. Christian still favors psychology.

Just went for a swim this morning and then cooked lunch.  Have to try and get back into an earlier wake up routine. Last night I didn’t get to sleep till too late and then woke up late.  That is really annoying. The swim felt grand though, so maybe there is hope for me yet.

Buddhist Advice

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Verna sounded not so good today when I rang her. Health really is a day to day thing. This afternoon Debbie is giving me a massage. The massage really works wonders.  I am enjoying seeing her.  It is really very kind that she has offered to massage me.

Julia will be back in 9 days.

Today is hot outside.  The cricket is on.  Australia and New Zealand test series. Not much on Foxtel.

More Dharma Practice

Enjoyment arises from practicing ethical conduct correctly and rejoicing in virtuous deeds.



If you think you don’t have thoughts like this, be more honest with yourself. Young people, middle aged people especially all wonder about how to create a virtuous living, right livelihood for themselves. Once I read a book when I was twenty-one by Thich Nhat Hanh. He talked to the world about the need for white action. What is white action? Really, it is His Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama that talks profoundly about this subject. His Holiness is a safe, reliable and valid spiritual guide, and He is my root guru.


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Come on, Come on – What? I have to spend 5.7 Billion Dollars for a border wall to block out Mexico’s illegal immigrants?

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Pictures of the Year

This is Donald Trump. Hmmm, but I am a billionaire and I like spending money.

The people: Hmmm, but Donald, darling, we don’t have 5.7 billion dollars to spend on a border wall.

What’s the drum, babe? Well, the thing is, isn’t America still paying off the Iraq War? I have one answer to this. Send the invoice to China. It’s been engaging in an unholy amount of espionage.

So, we all know, the Don likes to spend money. How much does it cost the American people annually in illegal border immigrants? 5.7 Billion is just a ridiculous amount to spend. This is why the Democrats consider other options regarding this problem the Americans face concerning illegal immigrants. Has the treasury done the equation? What’s more, what is the threat of terrorists from the South? If you fear doing evil, if you fear non-virtue and it’s consequence, you are on the right pathway. If you drum up fear, because you’ve got no logic and nothing meaningful to say, you’re a deadshit.

What if they blow a hole through the wall? That’s terrorism. Why doesn’t America consider virtue? Mexico clearly has no cash. I vote for Nancy Pelosi and her friend Schumer. What are these other options? Clearly drugs are something people should avoid and abandon, but where is the education system in America? Get to know yourself, the mind, and study mind science from the Mahayana Buddhist perspective. I’m not talking shit, you mountain full of delusions. You need to meditate on the Buddha to obtain a proper perspective. The Buddha abandoned the delusions of the heart and mind and went beyond the cycle of suffering, to the attainment of enlightenment, where all obstructions of the heart were cessated and the perfections of the mind were realised. That’s the only way out of this unholy mess of misery, confusion and corruption.

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What is wrong with the Mental Health Care System in Australia

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Seventeen years ago, my mother lied to the mental health care service. My mother wrongly accused me of threatening her with a knife. No such incident occurred. Indeed no thought of threatening my mother ever occurred to me. My mother offered to act as a benefactor to assist me as a practicing Buddhist. My mother, Anne, said she was very happy to support my Buddhist practice. The thing was, when it came to paying the bill, however, she acted with malice and jealousy and lied about things to try and get out of supporting me financially.

I study the mind. I am a well studied Buddhist. Here is something of a list of my qualifications. (taken from my curriculum vitae posted on bodhicittamind.com and emptinessmind.com.)

As I have studied Buddhist philosophy and the science of mind and meditation for over twenty years, I feel this puts me in an excellent position to give well intentioned and meaningful advice to others on how to achieve a state of health and inner peace. Following is a list of just some of the courses, teachings, commentaries and Initiations I have studied and completed in Buddhist philosophy.

  • Venerable Geshe Doga’s Lam Rim Commentary held on Tuesday nights which lasted many years. In fact, I didn’t miss a single class in 11 years of attending Study Group and the only reason that record was broken was that I simply became too sick to continue.
  • Venerable Geshe Doga’s Commentary on Shantideva’s Guide to a Bodhisattva’s Way of Life on Wednesday nights over a similar period of time.
  • Venerable Geshe Doga’s Commentary on the Wheel of Sharp Weapons(over several years)
  • Gained precious insights into emptiness, learning how to penetrate reality through meditation on emptiness, attending The Penetrating Reality Course,September, 1992.
  • Attended Venerable Geshe Doga’s Thirty-five Buddhas Commentary,1992
  • Studied The Jewel Rosary of an Awakening Warrior at a weekend Course, taught by Venerable Geshe Doga, Easter, 1993
  • Attended Venerable Geshe Doga’s Commentary on understanding the differences between love and attachment, May 1993 and July, 1997.
  • Learnt about the Seven-point Thought Transformation Technique in a weekend retreat held in 1993 and in July, 1997.
  • Completed the Vajrasattva Commentary in July, 1993 and again in September 1995, September, 1997 and September 2000.
  • Learnt how to cut though and overcome anger in May, 1994 and August, 1998.
  • Attended a talk Geshe Doga gave to the Healing Group, July, 1994.
  • Received the Commentary on the Eight Verses of Thought Transformation, in July, 1994, then again in August 1994 and May 1997.
  • Completed the Heart Sutra Commentary, October, 1994
  • Received the oral transmission of the Thirty-seven Practices of a Bodhisattva Commentary during May, 1995 and again in August of the same year and in April, 1999.
  • Studied how to develop patience in June, 1995.
  • Learnt about how to develop single-pointed concentration in October, 1995.
  • Studied the Four Noble Truths twice, once in April, 1998.
  • Completed the Taking Refuge Course held at Tara, in May, 1996 and in July 1998.
  • Received the commentary on The Three Principle Paths in May, 1996 and in April 2000.
  • Received the commentary on How to Develop Bodhicitta, in June, 1996.
  • Learnt all about Karma and how it functions, in July, 1996 and in October 1998.
  • Learnt about how to overcome Compassion Fatigue some time in 1996.
  • Completed the commentary on The Jewel Rosary of an Awakening Warrior in March, 1997.
  • Received the Commentary on the Four Immeasurable Thoughts twice, once in June 1997.
  • Learnt about How to Develop Compassion in October, 1997.
  • Received Geshe Doga’s commentary on the Foundation of all Good Qualities in April, 1998.
  • Received the Commentary on The Two Truths in June, 1998.
  • Learnt how to meditate on death and impermanence in September, 1998.
  • Received the Commentary on Developing Loving Kindness in November, 1998.
  • Studied about How to Meditate in February, 1999.
  • Learnt about How to be Happy in March, 1999.
  • Received the commentary on Developing Calm Abiding in April, 1999.
  • Studied the Seven-fold Cause and Effect in May, 1999.
  • Received the commentary on the Eight Mahayana Precepts in October, 1999.
  • Studied How to Develop Special Insight through the practice of emptiness in May, 2000.
  • Received the commentary on the Six Session Guru Yoga in July, 2000.
  • Attended the Six Yogas of Naropa Commentary in November, 2000.
  • Studied How to Develop Mindfulness and Alertness in June, 2000.
  • Attended the Tenets Teaching throughout 2001.
  • Attended the Lam Rim Condensed teachings in 2007.
  • Received the commentary on Aryadeva’s Four Hundred Verses, sometime in 2007.
  • Received the White Tara Initiation annually from 1992 – 2006.
  • Received the Green Tara Initiation in 2007 and several times prior to that.
  • Receive the 1000 Arm Chenrezig Initiation conferred by Ribur Rinpoche
  • Received the Vajrayogini Initiation (several times)
  • Received Manjushri, Chenrezig, Vajrasattva, and Medicine Buddha word empowerment from His Holiness the Dalai Lama.
  • Received Om Mani Padme Hum empowerment from His Holiness the Dalai Lama at Parliament House Canberra 1997
  • Received commentary on Shantideva’s A Guide to the Bodhisattvas Way of Life in Bodhgaya from His Holiness the Dalai Lama
  • Received White Tara Long Life empowerment form His Holiness the Dalai Lama Bodhgaya 2002, Sydney 1997, Geelong 2002
  • Received the Heruka Initiation from Kirti Tsenshab Rinpoche at Atisha Centre, Bendigo
  • Received Yellow Manjushri Initiation from the Venerable Geshe Doga 2003
  • Did 25 weekend Nyung Nae fasting retreats on compassion, averaging 3 a year for seven or eight years from 1992 onwards.
  • Yamantaka Retreat Blue Mountains, 2015 with HHDL.


When I was falsely arrested by the police, I told the police they had been lied to. There was no checking of the source of the information they received. My mother lied, saying I threatened her with a knife, but no such event ever took place. Then the police didn’t check for validity. They didn’t realize my mother lied, that she is quite ill with delusion. The hospital refused to validate things either.

The mental health care system says it represents people on issues to do with the brain and the central nervous system. But the brain is not the mind. The psychiatrist doesn’t even study the mind. It studies the brain and the central nervous system. The mind has a subtle connection to the brain and the body. The body is the Om which is located at the crown, the speech is the Ah, located at the throat, and the mind is the HUM at the heart.

The mind rides on subtle wind within the channels and the chakras. There are six chakras and three channels. The right channel is white, the left channel is red and the central channel is blue. I study the mind and mind science. The mind is clear and knowing. I have been studying with Namgyal Monastery of His Holiness the Dalai Lama of Tibet and Sera Jey Monastic University for 27 years, once completing a business degree at Monash University. I have also studied psychology at both Monash University and Melbourne University.

The mental health system does not study the mind, only grosser phenomena. The psychiatrist for the most part is not a practicing Buddhist. It is not goverened by a study of ethics the way the mind scientist is. Mind scientists study compassion and wisdom. They are goverened and led by a meticulous study of the three higher trainings of ethics, concentration and wisdom, the vinaya, the abhidharma and sutra, (the word of the Buddha). Then the bodhisattva studies the six or ten perfections. These aetheist psychiatrists have no such wisdom or knowledge, and no standard in reporting accurately without lying and making up nonsense. They are both unethical and incomplete. The psychiatrist is corrupt because it doesn’t practice ethics, and it is unreliable because it’s not a Buddhist. It lacks discriminating wisdom, because it does not rely up refuge in the Three Jewels, and it does not seek liberation from cyclic existence or enlightenment. The psychiatrist is an ordinary sentient being, afflicted by ego and delusions and lies to obtain it’s position within the government and society.

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Nights in the Moon Lily Garden – Chapter Six

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Mayhem and Misery – Catastrophic Suffering

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Ignorance breeds confusion.

When you lack discipline and a proper understanding of ethics, or turn away from the dharma, from the types of mental states and actions that hold one back from suffering, only disappointment and unhappiness, degradation and mayhem will follow.

To raise a child without a deep grounding in the dharma can only be described as absolutely stupid. Forget what the world thinks. Worldly attitudes are born from a lack of understanding and knowledge. What the world rates as important is often based upon some egotistical and false view of the self, of I and mine.

I remember when I was just about to finish school, looking upon the adult world with a deep feeling of hopelessness. All the people my parents held in high regard appeared to be caught in a vicious cycle of misery. Even though they had attained some wealth and worldly status, not even doctors from the western world appeared to have all the answers to the pervasive type of suffering we were all immersed in. When your parents suffer a brutal failure in their marital relationship, when you are surrounded by people who are only interested in bullying the smartest at school into a state of submission and decline, when there is a lack of adequate role models for the young and the worldly blindly chase after material gains as though it’s the only solution to all of life’s problems, confusion takes hold causing wreckage and an enormous degree of emotional and physical suffering. Without the sword of wisdom to guide one through failure and disintegration of all that is familiar, one is truly as helpless and directionless as a dead leaf blown violently by the winds of change, uncertainty and darkness.

Although I was a straight A student throughout all my years of school, when it came to my final HSC exams, instead of blitzing all the subjects in the manner I had done in the past, I only achieved an average set of results. I didn’t even bother studying in the last week of swat vac. I went out and partied with friends who had already completed their exams.

I’m not proud of that, even though I did still manage to get into a course I was actually well suited to at university. However, the problem was, I fell into an unhappy cycle of regret, having been used to getting near perfect results in every subject. As I have said, a lot can be gained from having a high degree of intelligence, but without a proper understanding and realization of the dharma, of wisdom and compassion, you are still at the mercy of karma and delusions. This means that suffering will continue unless you actually cut the root of suffering itself. The root of suffering comes in the form of a false view of I, of self and of phenomena. Until one fully realizes that all phenomena lack inherent existence and one is able to let go of all negative emotions, one will remain like a bucket travelling up and down in a well, without the proper means to escape the cycle of existence.

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Gorgeous Darling. I’m in.

Nights in the Moon Lily Garden – Chapter Five

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Grasping At A Self Of Person

Running, terrified. Am I in hell? I told my parents to get a divorce, to sell their holiday house and farm. Now I have no money, no prospects. All signs of sanity have gone. This is what happened in 1986.

It’s a very sad and sobering aspect of my life that I must acknowledge the cruel and unbalanced way in which I have commonly been treated by both my mother and sister. However, to distort the facts and to try and gloss over some of the most painful events of my life would not only be dishonest, but in a way an act of almost acknowledging that abusive behavior, and harmful mental patterns are in some way acceptable, when clearly, they are not, no matter who they are coming from or directed towards.

It is the case that both my mother Grace, and sister Lucy have both convinced themselves absolutely that they are totally within their rights to act in a continuously deceptive, dishonest and profoundly harmful way towards me, simply because I am a daughter and sister. They have both decided that because I am a close relative, that leaves the door wide open for them to do whatever they can to destroy whatever amount of happiness I manage to create.

As far as they are concerned, once they act to destroy the happiness I may create, in the form of a friendship with others, for example, they have no hesitation in covering up their harmful actions by simply lying to others, and distorting the facts about what really took place.

To their minds, when something degenerates into a he said, she said situation, they are confident that the ignorance in humans in general, will do its job in confusing their listeners enough so they are unable to discern just who did the wrong thing in the first place. Therefore, their acts of aggression, hatred, jealousy and greed go unrecognized by the majority, creating a free environment for them to continue on in their efforts to isolate me from the rest of the world and to ensure that their abuse has the most destructive impact and effect.

There was a time, during my HSC year, after I had managed to befriend many of the girls who once used to bully me because I was a high achieving student that I would be regularly asked to stay over at a school friends’ house on a Saturday night. We would usually go to some party, or perhaps just gather a group of friends to watch a video together, as most young people enjoy doing.

On this particular Saturday, I was asked to stay over at Sarah’s house, and my mother agreed that this would be OK. I said I would spend the Sunday morning doing some homework at Sarah’s house, before returning home after lunch to continue on with my studies. As this was the arrangement, I left feeling happy that I could avoid being part of the tense and stressed environment that constantly pervaded my time at home with my mother and sister. Mother was now firmly entrenched in the pattern of breaking down in tears on a regular basis and had the habit of criticizing me for any manner of things, simply because she was buckling under the pressure of her impending divorce with father.

On this occasion, I had a reasonably settled time away, and the next day, on the Sunday, just after lunch, there was a phone call at Sarah’s house. Sarah answered the phone and soon informed me that Mrs. Wong, the mother of another friend of mine at school, wanted to speak to me. I answered the phone, a little curious as to why she would be calling.

Mrs. Wong, “how are you,” I said.

“Listen to me, you disgraceful child,” seethed Mrs. Wong on the other end of the phone.

“How dare you run away for the night without informing your mother of your intention to leave. You have made her worried sick. She has been on the phone crying hysterically to me all morning. What sort of a daughter are you, that you could do such a thing to your mother?”

I was aghast. “But Mrs. Wong, I told Mum yesterday I was staying at Sarah’s. She agreed that it was OK for me to do this. She knew I wasn’t coming home til after lunch today.”

“Don’t lie to me,” screamed Mrs. Wong. “You get yourself home immediately young girl. I never want to hear of you doing such a thing like this to your mother again.”

“But I’m not lying,” I cried, now on the verge of tears myself. “I told mother what I was doing, I promise.” I was so shocked by the anger Mrs. Wong was directing towards me, a feeling of having the wind knocked out of me soon prevailed.

Mrs. Wong snapped. “I can’t believe you are now trying to lie about this, Oceané.”

Mrs. Wong refused to accept my version of events, and I quickly realized that mother had managed to convince her of my guilt, even though the reality was that I had done everything I was supposed to do as a responsible daughter in this situation.

I got off the phone. I turned to face Sarah, but my heart sank further into despair as I immediately saw that she too had been sucked in by the drama. Glaring at me with a rising temper, she said. “You’d better get yourself home, Oceané. I can’t believe what you have done.”

Shocked by the rapid change in atmosphere, I looked upon Sarah in disbelief, sickened, feeling totally isolated and confused.

“How can you believe that I would do such a thing,” I responded, the words barely audible as they passed through my lips. “I am telling you all the truth. It is mother who for whatever reason doesn’t appear to remember or want to acknowledge what really happened. She is very confused at the moment because of the divorce. Didn’t you know since her nervous breakdown she rarely makes any sense?”

“Just go,” snapped Sarah with blind irrationality. “Go and get your bags and get yourself home before any more damage is done.”

I left knowing full well that things were only going to get much, much worse for me once I arrived home. There, I knew I would be greeted by a mentally unbalanced and aggressive mother, and an equally unbalanced and jealous sister, whose only interest would be to further deepen the divide between me, my friends and whatever fragment of a family that remained, further intensifying the heartache and pain, and virtually destroying any opportunity for reconciliation and peace.

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A Retrospective – Sunday 6 June 2004

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Sunday 6 June, 2004

Here I am again.  11 am Sunday morning. Christian is at the discussion group and I am alone. I recited some Praises to Chenrezig to try and make myself feel a bit better.  May all my wishes quickly be fulfilled.

Now I can play some Bowie – Heroes, on the MP3.  Marvelous technology.

Today is fine.  Sun shining and a slight breeze. No, now still.

Anne seems to be giving up on the idea of me going to Queensland for a visit.  I am not allowed to bring Christian.  So, just Anne, Ben and I. Will I go?  What will I do there?  I would like to see her, naturally.

Ronald Reagan passed away.  He was ninety-three and had been suffering from Alzheimer’s.  May he rest in peace.

vanessa 2004


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Blair may put ‘fat tax’ on menu


FAST food companies could be made to pay a ‘levy’ to fund new sports centres. Companies such as McDonald’s, Pepsi and Walkers would contribute three-quarters of the cost of a national sports fund to help tackle rising obesity levels.

The Government will pledge £1 for every £3 contributed by food firms to the National Foundation for Sport scheme.

The scheme comes four months after Prime Minister Tony Blair’s strategy unit admitted it was considering a ‘fat tax’ on less healthy foods, including burgers, crisps, fizzy drinks, butter and full-fat milk. The foods could attract extra duty or VAT.

The Number 10 strategy unit was ordered to ‘think the unthinkable’ after statistics showed heart disease overtaking cancer as Britain’s biggest killer.

Ministers are also worried about high levels of diabetes in young people, more and more of whom are becoming obese.

Foods which contain high levels of saturated fat are coming under attack in the latest moves – which could also see health warnings on all alcoholic drinks.

Full-fat butter and milk, cheddar cheese, burgers, chicken drumsticks, pizzas, pork pies, chips, chocolate, ice cream and popcorn could all be taxed.

At the moment, fizzy drinks, burgers and ice creams attract the full rate of VAT at 17.5% – but only if they are bought in restaurants. Food bought in supermarkets is not VAT rated.

The Government’s broad strategy was outlined late last year in Labour’s ‘big conversation’ policy blueprint – which warned of action against companies which target children with advertisements for junk food.

But the new proposals from the strategy unit – charged to come up with a range of ‘blue skies’ ideas by the Prime Minister – go even further.



The One – The Lover and the Best Friend

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I saw a movie several years ago. Three times. It’s called The Lincoln Lawyer. It struck some deep notes.

In samsara, when you meet beauty, when you meet true love, things can go awry. This is a story about a young man, a wonderful young man, not rich, but with genuine qualities who meets The One. One night in bar they meet. The sparks fly. He recognizes her beauty instantly and values it. She finds him sexy and drops her price. The chemistry is there. The future awaits.

As samsara would have it, a jealous, uncreative and corrupt man looks on. Seething with rage and hatred, he makes the determination to ruin it all. Unbeknownst to the lovers, he lies in wait, cultivating his evil motivation. In circumstances where sex and love are involved, evil watches on close by.

I suppose why this movie hit such a deep note is because I can draw so many parallels with events that have taken place in my own life. This movie focused upon a deep psychology, a psychology common to samsara, however this subject lies in a field of vision the ordinary person most often doesn’t recognize. The rich lay idly complacent, and the poor, wholesome ones unfortunately get lost in their naiveté and innocence.

When a common, uncreative and flawed ordinary being witnesses the play of true love and wisdom, their mind begins to spin out of control. Unable to contain their hatred, jealousy, fear and competitiveness, the wretched determine a plan that attempts to undermine such love and innocence and does its best to make the whole system fail. This of course will only further prolong the suffering of all concerned, but the evil mind never pays heed to that. Too ignorant to fathom the true depth of the consequences of an evil act, the uncreative mind is unrelenting in its inability to face up to the shallow nature of its own focus.

When you see others succeed, when you witness true love, don’t try to destroy it and take it away. Rejoice and recognize that by supporting such a rare event you create the causes for your own future happiness and success. Anything else is but a folly and a play of the unoriginal.

Copyright ©Vanessa Anne Walsh 2011


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December 18, 2011 at 12:02 pmEdit

Good to see a talent at work. I can’t match that.


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The Elephant in the Room

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This is why I am bankrupt.

A while ago I listened to an advertisement 60 Minutes was running for one of their shows. In this advertisement, the journalist from 60 Minutes discussed the issue surrounding Australia, as a nation, being at war with China. You would have to be more than half asleep if you didn’t realize China is already at war with us. Just look at the way the Chinese Government encourages it’s people to bribe immigration officials and flood brainwashed and poorly educated Chinese citizens into the most prosperous and democratic nations around the world. When China invaded Tibet and massacred its people, destroying and bombing its educational institutions and oppressing the freedoms of this peace loving, gentle nation, the Communist Governments view at the time was that once they gained control over the Roof of the World (Tibet), power around the rest of the world would rapidly fall into their hands.

I guess if doing business with a regime of dull-minded, uncreative people who were happy to force young Tibetan children to shoot their parents and thought nothing of burying Tibetan people alive in coffins doesn’t faze you (as reported by Amnesty International in the early 1990’s), then perhaps you might conclude I am over-reacting, but I hold onto the virtuous and freedom loving idea we do in fact have a responsibility to respect human rights, especially when a greedy power like China marches into a foreign country and invades for the purposes of stealing another nations precious natural resources in order to strengthen it’s own power and oppress the freedoms and liberties of others.

Make no mistake; it is the deep intention of China to dominate the world’s economic and political sphere, whilst using their brutal military might to create a stranglehold on the freedom of all sentient beings. As a brilliant Buddhist master once told me, “China first takes control by getting people addicted to its money.” It is very clear now to see how we as a nation have become hopelessly addicted to the short term economic benefits we derive from giving away too easily, our precious and limited resources to China.  This master then went on to say that “once China knows a nation has become addicted to the income they earn from doing business with China, China then seizes the opportunity at hand to take control over every other aspect of the lives of citizens living in such a nation.”

Do we as a country even recognize anymore what it means to be Australian? As you walk down any suburban or city street, it is clear to see we are effectively already living in China. The Chinese have long had the habit of buying up the most highly sought after and valuable properties and moving into the most prosperous regions of any country, once they develop pockets deep enough to steal away our freedom. It is a well known fact that businessmen working in real estate actively seek to sell off the best houses and properties we have in our country to the Chinese. Just look at who owns most of the Golden Mile now down in Brighton. Go and visit Box Hill, Doncaster, Toorak or watch more carefully who is filling the streets of Melbourne or any other major Australian city, and see if you can figure out where we are really living.

We should all know by now, China has an absolutely horrific human rights record. As a nation, and oppressive communist power, they simply cannot be trusted to act in a way that protects the integrity and freedom of any living being. Despite this catastrophic flaw in the Chinese character, we must rely upon diplomacy and a peace strategy that focuses first upon saving rather than needlessly and heartlessly destroying precious lives.

I would be remiss for not mentioning a story recently televised by Four Corners on the Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC) network, which exposed China’s attempts to hack into a number of major western corporations’ computer systems. On this program, Four Corners revealed not only had China been caught hacking into His Holiness The Dalai Lama’s website and other Tibetan Government in Exile computer systems, but China has also hacked into the computer systems of companies such as BHP, Fortescue Metals, Rio Tinto, just to name a few. One can see from the ruthless way China conducts its affairs that they already assume they are at war with everyone. Just remember, the Chinese Government pride themselves on educating their people into the Art of War. The Tibetan Nation, on the other hand, excelled in it’s ability to prosper a country based on a philosophy of peace, love, liberation and freedom from suffering. Which cause would any rationally minded being choose to support, listen to and follow?

Following is just a brief profile of the methods used by China to destabilize already prosperous nations, which they view as an ideological threat to their own oppressive and freedom hating regime.

The whole global financial downturn can be attributed to the fact that Australia, Europe and other once well developed nations like America can no longer manufacture their own goods, due to the incredible difficulty that has arisen and stems from the Chinese government’s refusal to stop artificially lowering the levels of its currency. Countries like Australia have become virtually incapable of competing with China, due to the fact that the Chinese rely upon slave labor to manufacture all their goods. This has created such a huge economic and moral imbalance, that the entire world is now paying an enormous price for the fact that our politicians refuse address the critical causes for the downfalls in our economies and ability to produce quality goods which will allow us to trade on a more even playing field.

In western countries, we do our best to maintain relatively good working conditions for our citizens, but China has no such concern or philosophy. As a young country, we take too much for granted our liberties and current level of freedom, to the point that we have become blinded by the huge changes and shifts in global power that are rapidly taking place around us. Our major media stations and publications refuse to address these issues, creating a false illusion in the minds of all our people that our freedom and health is not degenerating to the degree and levels to which they currently are.

Look at how when the Burmese Government attacked its own people in order to suppress their rights of free speech and democracy, China funded and supported the ruthless dictatorial Burmese regime while this was going on.

Look at how the problem with plagiarism and pirating have enabled China to steal original designs, intellectual property and products from all other nations around the globe, so that they are then able to infiltrate business and political systems around the world, mass producing cheap fakes, which further impedes our ability to trade and work fairly on a world scale.

As long as the Communist Chinese Government continues to peg it’s currency against the US dollar at a level that is artificially low, Chinese goods and services appear cheaper than they really are when compared to products and services produced in Western nations.

One could go on forever about all the evil that resides in China, taking the form of the Chinese Government’s abuse of the rights and conditions of humans and animals, and the wanton and blatant corruption of its officials.

One could argue the reason the talks in Copenhagen failed was because of Chinese Diplomats blocking and strategically planning for methods and means to cause the whole process to fail.

We all need to become more aware of how the actions of a corrupt, ruthless and oppressive Chinese regime is causing degradation and decline on a world scale, and understand more clearly how we are all now paying a massive price for the corruption and degradation to the planet that is stemming from the actions of the Chinese Government and it’s brainwashed citizens.

China educates its own people into a philosophy and way of thinking and acting that has no respect for the law, for human rights, for freedom, for freedom of speech or for the truth and justice.

I urge everyone to take a deeper look into what is going on in the rapidly changing world around us and look for ways to think about how to protect ourselves and the freedoms and way of life we currently enjoy. Many sacrifices have been made by others in the past to protect the democratic rights of a people. We must never lose sight of this fact or think that just because our economy is currently quite strong, that our way of life and ability to achieve lasting happiness is not at stake. Never think ignorance is bliss and that not knowing the truth somehow makes life a little easier to bear. Lacking awareness of the true causes of suffering is always a recipe for disaster.

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One of the key aspects and purposes of buddhistdesigns.com is to lead the community into a discussion over or concerning the Buddha Dharma. Today I would like to lead a forum within the community into a discussion on the ID, the ego, and the false view of I and mine.

Firstly, what is wrong with wrong view? Do you know what I mean by having wrong view? What is wrong view?

Secondly, how does that false view of a self promote attachment, hatred, pride, jealousy, doubt in the Three Jewels and self cherishing?

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