This is a selection of various pieces of writing that focus upon issues which are critical to our mental and physical well-being, as well as our rights for inner freedom, justice and free speech.

Essentially it is a collection of ideas that must be thoughtfully considered if we are to retain any hope of achieving real freedom and improving our current levels of health. The aim and purpose of A Fine Balance , which I now refer to as Enlightened Wisdom, is to help people better understand what is going on in the world around them, and particularly to aid in their ability to discriminate between what actions and thoughts are harmful to themselves and others and what actions are of benefit and useful.

My hope is to enhance the sense of interconnectedness we feel and to inspire readers to participate in discussions, and more importantly reflection, contemplation and meditation that will enhance their ability to see reality as it really is. By understanding clearly the true nature of phenomena, we can develop our intelligence and wisdom, removing the veil of ignorance which acts as the root cause of our suffering, so that we may generate more compassion and understanding for the suffering and misery experienced by oneself and others.  It is only through acting with a motivation that is truly concerned with the well being of others, that we have any chance of securing our own peace of mind.

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