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Last night Liz Hayes presented the Under Investigation story on Boeing Airline’s 737 MAX disasters. This is the exact type of story that makes me feel happy to be a practicing Buddhist, and of course feel much compassion and concern for those not so fortunate. This is because, and I will explain my thoughts here, even the big company Boeing is guilty of ignorance and wrong view, and went to lengths to cover up and hide from the public and governments it’s fatal, flawed and ignorant set of decisions.

In an attempt to compete with Airbus, Boeing has committed much money to building the 737 MAX which is clearly flawed in it’s design. Firstly, Boeing tried to cut costs to stay competitive with Airbus. So it decided to makeover the old 737 aircraft, instead of responsibly building an aircraft that is safe to fly. Boeing attached a new fuel efficient engine to the old 737 body, but the engine didn’t fit properly onto this old craft. Boeing moved the engine forward on the body of the craft, but it’s position on the plane causes the aircraft to tilt on too high an angle, which can cause the engine to stall. See, this is like the funny point in the story, for all Boeing engineers’ clientele. Oh, not today Mummy. Can’t be bothered designing a safe aircraft today. No, not today, sweets. We just want to make some quick cash.

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Boeing has installed the MCAS software to correct the design flaw of it’s 737 MAX aircraft, but the main point is it should never have committed so much of it’s operating budget to such a poorly designed remodel of the 737 aircraft. This is where Boeing’s arrogance is clear to see. Boeing has admitted that it has predicted 15 of these 737 MAX aircraft would crash. Oh, great, like one we would be flying on?

So, nearly 500 people have died on these remodelled craft, that they dare to call new. The ignorance of a self, where one fails to see that all phenomena are empty of inherent existence, whilst cause and effect and dependent airing are unfailing, is to blame for the stupor the FAA finds itself now stuck in. What makes anyone think these aircraft won’t crash again? Boeing builds many aircraft, but dying due to an aircraft’s failure, is surely a death that no-one would sanely choose. It’s like the problem of safely flying each aircraft each and every time is too big a problem now for the human to comprehend.

Oh, yeah, and just to make you feel worried about the huge amounts of cash the government has just thrown at the contaminated western scientist’s mind, Astra Zeneca is now being rolled out by Oxford University to combat coronavirus, but it has the rather nasty side effect of causing blood clotting. https://www.bbc.com/news/health-56594189

Why doesn’t the human race defeat the three poisonous states of mind instead, and choose to adopt the middle way school of Prasangika Madyamika philosophy to combat and oppose these dreadful delusions. Too stupid looks to be the answer no-me really wants to face. With apathy like this, are you sure you want the demon of death to again have it’s way?

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Discussing Britney Spears


Dharma Group

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This evening I tuned into Channel Nine’s documentary on Britney Spears, called Framing Britney Spears. As I reflect upon what appears to be community concern over Britney’s mental state and of course her health and well being, I find myself asking the question to His Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso, why is Britney so unhappy?

We all understand back just before 2008, Britney lost custody of her two children. Hard of course, but firstly, what did Britney do wrong to Justin Timberlake earlier to cause such a nasty split and then what else went wrong with Federline? Is Britney sinning, which of course is the cause giving rise to such suffering?

Secondly, when Britney’s father, Jamie took over as custodian of her estate, he appears to have stepped back into her life when things were not going too well. So Jamie Spears may well have tried to help her. This appears to be why the courts refuse to give control of the finances back to Britney. Why then does Britney show no gratitude towards her father? For some time now, Jamie has been managing Britney’s career. Britney is making some money, but she may well be proven to be very divisive, because when she walked off stage at the beginning of another year heralded as being Queen of Las Vegas, she let down a big group of supporters.

Why does Britney not just thank her father for his ongoing concern? What’s he doing wrong? Having family support, if it is healthy, is a good thing.

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The One – the Lover and the Best Friend

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I saw a movie this week. Three times. It’s called The Lincoln Lawyer. It struck some deep notes.

In samsara, when you meet beauty, when you meet true love, things can go awry. This is a story about a young man, a wonderful young man, not rich, but with genuine qualities who meets The One. One night in bar they meet. The sparks fly. He recognizes her beauty instantly and values it. She finds him sexy and drops her price. The chemistry is there. The future awaits.

As samsara would have it, a jealous, uncreative and corrupt man looks on. Seething with rage and hatred, he makes the determination to ruin it all. Unbeknownst to the lovers, he lies in wait, cultivating his evil motivation. In circumstances where sex and love are involved, evil watches on close by.

Where the big boys roam

From a small acorn, a big oak tree can grow. Nurture, flourish and support your dharma virtues, and practice generosity.


I suppose why this movie hit such a deep note is because I can draw so many parallels with events that have taken place in my own life. This movie focused upon a deep psychology, a psychology common to samsara, however this subject lies in a field of vision the ordinary person most often doesn’t recognize. The rich lay idly complacent, and the poor, wholesome ones unfortunately get lost in their naiveté and innocence. Really?

When a common, uncreative and flawed ordinary being witnesses the play of true love and wisdom, their mind begins to spin out of control. Unable to contain their hatred, jealousy, fear and competitiveness, the wretched determine a plan that attempts to undermine such love and innocence and does its best to make the whole system fail. This of course will only further prolong the suffering of all concerned, but the evil mind never pays heed to that. Too ignorant to fathom the true depth of the consequences of an evil act, the uncreative mind is unrelenting in its inability to face up to the shallow nature of its own focus.

When you see others succeed, when you witness true love, don’t try to destroy it and take it away. Rejoice and recognize that by supporting such a rare event you create the causes for your own future happiness and success. Anything else is but a folly and a play of the unoriginal.

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What Happened?


Vanessa Anne Walsh married Christian Michael Walsh June 26, 1992. Really? Neither person was that full of the notion that a marriage would be easy, because both people had seen failures in their parents marriages, watching affairs, arguments, anger and other delusions wreck havoc upon their lives. Sad huh?

One of the key things Vanessa and Christian wanted to do was to take refuge in the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha and generate the bodhicitta motivation, aspiring to and engaging in the deeds of bodhisattvas; causes for Buddhahood. Well, at least Vanessa did.

Samsara is a painful mess and the false view of a transitory collection and ignorance of a self are the cause of suffering and other delusions. Anyway, that was yucky. Vanessa and Christian both wanted to seriously address the deeper and root causes of suffering, and motivate and commit to dedicating their lives to practicing the causes of the great vehicle in Buddhism. Difficult or not? Sometimes.

Money was hard to come by, huh? Well, you see, neither Verna Guest, Ben Guest, nor David and Margaret Walsh understood Buddhism. Gosh! Vanessa and Christian decided not to have children, because how could they find the money? Well paying jobs were hard to get and practicing ethics, concentration and wisdom and six perfections is the foremost thing on both of their minds. Huh? Mary and Claudia became Vanessa’s focus as Vanessa tried to help these two beings, which was something Vanessa committed to financially, that was achievable. 

Once Vanessa and Christian began their Buddhist studies with His Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama, it became clear to others that they were not having sex or planning children. Diana Sher, a Jewish lady who David, Margaret, Verna and Ben were acquainted with became furious, and decided to oppose Vanessa’s wish to become a Buddha for the sake of all sentient beings. So Diana Sher caused an insane attitude towards Vanessa to be ignited in David Walsh and Margaret Walsh, Amanda Richards, Paul Richards and Jeremy Walsh. 

The relationship between Christian and Vanessa soon showed signs of real stress as Kathy Melnic, a whore at Tara Institute, prayed on Christian, engaging in sexual misconduct to bring undone the marriage. The rest of the Buddhist community at Tara displayed deep resentment and jealousy towards Vanessa, as she managed Tara Institute for very little income and practiced lots of generosity, morality, patience, enthusiastic perseverance, concentration and wisdom towards the Buddhists, her family and her teachers, and the rest of her work collegues. Gosh!


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Starry Starry Night

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There are many, many pleasant and wonderful things about the country. One of them is that if you find yourself waking up very early in the morning, like at 2am, it is not a disturbing thing. What instantly strikes your awareness, warming your heart and calming your mind, is the blissful, peaceful serenity that pervades the air, fragrant with the sweet smell of eucalypt gums, the rich earth and the luminous, crystal clear, star studded sky all around you. Out here, there is no relentless drone of traffic humming endlessly through the night. No pollution to clog up your lungs and poison your airways, no trams, trains, buses or trucks to remind you of the frenetic pace of city life. As modern cities, lost in their directionless pursuit to become 24/7, sleepless buzz points on the globe, the country wisely says, no thanks, and continues on with its timeless embrace of the way mother earth has functioned for millions and millions of years. There is no rushing around to be found out here, just an empty, quiet road, and a people that know when the sun sets and the day is over, it is time to rest one’s weary bones and just be still.

As I sit here, sipping my soothing cup of tea, sitting in the dark next to gently crackling, golden, radiating fire, I listen to the gentle tumbling of water sliding and bubbling over river rocks, meandering it’s way slowly, gently, sometimes rapidly away from its pristine, mountain source, down through the valley, on its way through lush, green, and bountiful farmland pastures and beyond. And one can hear the blessed croaking of frogs, reminding you that out here things are still clean. When you find yourself short on sleep on a night out in the country, you are greeted instead with a harmonious and meditative zone of peace. This country is a tranquil haven that allows one to relax, reflect and to just stop thinking altogether. One is free to enjoy the expansiveness of one’s own consciousness, silent, without tension or stress, open, clear and free.

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Life Story of Vanessa Anne Walsh


September 8, 2020

Vanessa Anne Walsh September 2020

It’s been a while since I have kept a journal. I have considered blogging about being middle aged, although I wonder if I will live to see 100 years.


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We are in stage four restrictions of the covid 19 lockdown. I haven’t seen many friends for many months. Whatty whatty?

I am endeavouring to start a Jenny Craig diet and see if I can lose between 20 and 23 kilos. I weigh 87.45 kilos (weight taken in the morning was 86.60 kilos). At 2pm it was 87.45 kilos. I have reduced the amount of tea I drink, and I am choosing water instead. I don’t know if I want to publish this yet. I had two alcoholic drinks today, because I have suffered from a bad case of loong over the years. 

I woke around 8am and had breakfast around 9am. I had a cheese and chive omelette, which I heated in the oven for about twenty minutes. It was really nice and one drink of gin with tonic. Not diet tonic, which I need to buy from the supermarket. I understand the diet is supposed to be without alcohol, but I was feeling stressed when I woke up, so I had a little drink. All the neurotics are going to curse me for doing that of course, which is why this journal will probably just stay private. There. How do you open up and just speak the truth in this society, without fear of a backlash?

You can just hear people say, too early to start and so forth. I meditated for the rest of the morning until 12:15pm, then heated a spaghetti bolognese, which I had at 12:45pm. It was very nice, and I had a whiskey with diet coke as well. Just a small glass. Now, apparently I’m just no good and not following the diet properly.

At 1:15pm, I went for a half hour walk just locally, and wore the face mask, which we all have to do these days. I was generally very puffed, and I know I am overweight. So here’s the awful set of statistics; blood pressure taken at 1:51pm, read 156 over 91, and a heart rate of 91 beats. 

I can just imagine what people are saying. Things need to improve. Alright then. So I’ll blog about it, and see whether weight loss over time makes me look better physically. I have a shocking BMI as well. 29.1 and in the overweight range. What could be worse? Dementia? 

As far as I’m concerned the compassion and emptiness meditations have been going well. We’ll just have to see how I climb out of this covid 19 crisis. See. This is the thing. I haven’t had covid 19 and I’m not going to get it either. 

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Meditating on emptiness and compassion is not a taboo.

Woman’s Day – How I coped

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How Vanessa Anne Walsh went from this


to this

Vanessa Anne Walsh May 2020

The tears and the heart ache.

No hair. No makeup.

Renunciation, bodhicitta and correct view helps.

Even the Prime Minister wants to speak to me.

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