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Last night Liz Hayes presented the Under Investigation story on Boeing Airline’s 737 MAX disasters. This is the exact type of story that makes me feel happy to be a practicing Buddhist, and of course feel much compassion and concern for those not so fortunate. This is because, and I will explain my thoughts here, even the big company Boeing is guilty of ignorance and wrong view, and went to lengths to cover up and hide from the public and governments it’s fatal, flawed and ignorant set of decisions.

In an attempt to compete with Airbus, Boeing has committed much money to building the 737 MAX which is clearly flawed in it’s design. Firstly, Boeing tried to cut costs to stay competitive with Airbus. So it decided to makeover the old 737 aircraft, instead of responsibly building an aircraft that is safe to fly. Boeing attached a new fuel efficient engine to the old 737 body, but the engine didn’t fit properly onto this old craft. Boeing moved the engine forward on the body of the craft, but it’s position on the plane causes the aircraft to tilt on too high an angle, which can cause the engine to stall. See, this is like the funny point in the story, for all Boeing engineers’ clientele. Oh, not today Mummy. Can’t be bothered designing a safe aircraft today. No, not today, sweets. We just want to make some quick cash.

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Boeing has installed the MCAS software to correct the design flaw of it’s 737 MAX aircraft, but the main point is it should never have committed so much of it’s operating budget to such a poorly designed remodel of the 737 aircraft. This is where Boeing’s arrogance is clear to see. Boeing has admitted that it has predicted 15 of these 737 MAX aircraft would crash. Oh, great, like one we would be flying on?

So, nearly 500 people have died on these remodelled craft, that they dare to call new. The ignorance of a self, where one fails to see that all phenomena are empty of inherent existence, whilst cause and effect and dependent arising are unfailing, is to blame for the stupor the FAA finds itself now stuck in. What makes anyone think these aircraft won’t crash again? Boeing builds many aircraft, but dying due to an aircraft’s failure, is surely a death that no-one would sanely choose. It’s like the problem of safely flying each aircraft each and every time is too big a problem now for the human to comprehend.

Oh, yeah, and just to make you feel worried about the huge amounts of cash the government has just thrown at the contaminated western scientist’s mind, Astra Zeneca is now being rolled out by Oxford University to combat coronavirus, but it has the rather nasty side effect of causing blood clotting. https://www.bbc.com/news/health-56594189

Why doesn’t the human race defeat the three poisonous states of mind instead, and choose to adopt the middle way school of Prasangika Madyamika philosophy to combat and oppose these dreadful delusions. Too stupid looks to be the answer no-me really wants to face. With apathy like this, are you sure you want the demon of death to again have it’s way?

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