Training the Heart

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Training the heart takes constant perseverance. For the next six months, as a starter to life’s good work plan, I am training in walking and meditation. The idea is to raise and lower the heart rate over a period of at least three hours, in ten minute sessions. Walking at a pace of just five kilometres per hour, I walk for ten minutes, then rest for ten minutes.

I am not exactly unfit, having pursued an intense session of meditation, however, it’s time to train in strength, perseverance and energy. Not too fast, and not too slow, the idea is to incorporate movement of a basic type into one’s lifestyle without madly over doing it or rushing about. These days the worldly take on too much. That’s not good for mind training really, unless you consider yourself to be a bit adept at action.

So, today, I am three sessions into eight sessions or ten on the treadmill. Meditation takes up the morning, and training in walking and strength, makes up the afternoon session. How much weight do you think I will lose? I am hoping to drop about ten to twelve kilos over two years. Slow steady weight loss, without overdoing it. I have suffered from a life threatening illness, so moderation is the key to a good set of outcomes.

Recovering from a difficult bout of crohns disease requires encouragement, enthusiasm and discipline.



Well, today I walked 6.19kms in 75.37 minutes. This is the first time I have walked for a while, having been in intensive retreat for several years. I’m getting old. Don’t laugh. It’s not too bad and I am ready to try again tomorrow.