When the police won’t do their job.


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Today is Wednesday 19 May, 2021. Like many other days, Australians, or is it sentient beings have to put up with outrageous aggression. The neighbours behave like aggressive pigs. They agitate for a war by dumping their rubbish in my bin. Vanessa has asked them politely ever since they moved in to please abandon their aggressive and mindless actions. However, because they are quite possibly capable even of murder and much stupidity, they refuse to stop.

Why do the police behave in a similar way? I am unable call on the police for help, because their stupidity, hatred and blindness, not to mention their blatant disregard for honesty and ethics, drives them to arrest the innocent victim of such actions of madness.

We live in a society overrun by the ignorance of a self. The community itself has been driven into such laziness and apathy, that they often defend the wicked and those guilty of sin.

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