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Sentient beings are afflicted with the three poisonous delusions: anger/hatred, attachment/desire/lust, and ignorance/the false view of the transitory collection. At the moment I am working with a great team of virtuous beings to cut off the core of anger.

We as a nation, let alone a world, do not want or need to go to war. It is time to consider and motivate our actions of body, speech and mind towards traversing the path to the cessation of suffering. We need to achieve the cessation of suffering to attain freedom from suffering and to develop a proper understanding of the word of the Lord Buddha, his method and wisdom and to support the Sangha as they strive to defeat and to conquer the causes of samsara; the cycle of suffering.

Yesterday we had a very successful day of cessating a part of that core anger. We as a people need to go beyond the cycle of suffering to higher rebirth, liberation from throwing karma and ultimately to the fully purified and fully perfected state of enlightenment. Enlightenment is the fully transcendent and all knowing state of Buddhahood. To achieve Buddhahood and to completely cessate the primary and secondary delusions from the mind, is to achieve the meaning of life.

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Songbook on Emptiness- Penetrating the Essence

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Manifesting in Clear Light

A Commentary to 

Nights in the Moon Lily Garden

An interpretive piece of writing, written with the viewpoint to demolish lustful attachment and desire


Vanessa Anne Walsh

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This writing is dedicated to my best friend. He has always been my best friend. His kindness is unmatched. His wisdom deep. His humor brilliant. His knowledge profound. His vision great.

Not that I want to carry on about it or anything like that.

Come on a journey with me towards the greatest happiness, compassion and wisdom you will ever know or experience.

Don’t spiral out of control. Get over yourselves and realize the Buddha understands you more than you at the moment.

Make offerings to the Buddha for the benefit of all sentient beings, and get off the train wreck of the human condition.

That is the path to enlightenment. Where freedom from suffering is attainable only if you reject and refrain from harming other motherly sentient beings.

Introduction to Songbook on Emptiness

By the way, no hair and makeup artists here. We don’t like deceiving others into thinking that the human form; with all it’s blood bone and excrement that is filthy apparently is attractive, so why bother with overpriced clothing? Yes, how natural of us. We are authentic Buddhist Practitioners, who actually tread the path away and out of suffering.

Welcome to Buddhism, Tibetan Mahayana Buddhism, the one that doesn’t truly, substantially or inherently exist

This is a non-sectarian Buddhist service, happily brought to you by Vanessa Anne Walsh.

I have long been a good friend of many great masters, and after much study, contemplation and meditation, I would like to comment upon issues that are relevant to growing the prosperity, ethics and inner peace of the world-wide community. This means acting virtuously, not just at the local and family level, but also at the global and universal level.

This is about improving the education of the Australian public.

It is my experience that people in general are sorely in need of the type of inner wisdom and compassion, ethics, patience, enthusiasm and generosity that harnesses one’s inner potential and flourishes the dharma, both within and without. It is my view that the mental continuums of modern day humans are too overrun by worldly conceptions and a frenetic type of busyness and restlessness, that is just absolutely unhealthy and works only to frustrate the individuals and communities strive for inner peace, freedom from suffering, liberation and enlightenment.

I hope you enjoy this website, which offers a newsletter, comments on Buddhist practices that flourish inner peace and happiness, and a discussion on the food bowl; learning how to eat more healthily to help overcome the variety of illnesses and diseases modern day humans are bombarded with.

Big love, Vanessa

No, being Buddhist does not make you a martian

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Oceané drove her little red hatchback along the scenic beach road to the walking track a few suburbs away. A warm and still autumn day, the bay blue a mirror of the luminous sky. The external environment calm, was in direct contrast with the intense feelings of desperation and frustration Oceané felt deep within her heart.  Oceané did her best to control the anxiety frustrating her peace. Her thoughts brooded over a recent conversation she had with Noah, when he related to her Alfred’s plans for her future.  

Noah revealed to Oceané that Alfred had confronted Noah when he was in Melbourne on a short visit from interstate to see what his views on Oceané’s work and career choices were. When Noah made it clear to Alfred he felt Oceané’s work at Shambhala was beneficial and worthwhile, Alfred could do nothing to contain his anger, and threatened to bring an end to Noah and Oceané’s relationship if Noah refused to stop Oceané from working at Shambhala. He also attempted to force Noah to see that Oceané cease her relationship and friendship with Rinpoche. 

As Noah conveyed to Oceané what had transpired, Noah remained calm and relaxed, but Oceané was more worried than ever at the unexpected hostility being directed towards her just because of her involvement with Buddhism, Rinpoche and her quest for inner peace and enlightenment.  

Oceané’s expression darkened as she wandered confused, trying to establish how her work at Shambhala, which involved constant giving and generating goodwill towards people in need, could be so despised by people who she had always grown up believing had a good heart.  As her veil of ignorance was removed, a hitherto unknown side to her mother and stepfather became clearer, smashing into painful pieces her innocence. Oceané now viewed a stepfather, full of greed, seemingly motivated by selfish concerns unmasked, supported by a mother who showed no resistance to acting as a weapon against Oceané in her fight for spiritual freedom and independence. 

She still couldn’t quite believe that her quest for true freedom, for enlightenment and peace would stir up so much angst and hatred from her family, but in her heart she could not see how this hostility could continue for very long. Surely, Oceané thought to herself, they would come to see the sense in my decision making and realise there is nothing to fear. In the meantime, I must persevere and prove to them the true value of the spiritual path. To Oceané, the only way forward was to place an unwavering faith in the faultless guidance she received from Rinpoche by putting into practice the advice and commitments of the Buddhist teachings.

Oceané stopped walking, out of breath after a long climb up the undulating cliff top. She sat on a lone bench perched high above the calm bay below. Looking forward towards the distant skyline of Shambala, she felt invigorated and strengthened by her walk, pausing in silence to take in the panoramic vista that lay before her. Focusing on her breath, she began to still her mind from the constant thoughts and concerns which, earlier in the day she felt would overwhelm her. Taking refuge, she prayed silently before heading back towards the car and to a future far less certain than Oceané could possibly imagine.  Taking one step at a time, she meditated on the breath doing her best to remain present in the moment, making her mind become one with her breath to bring calm into a world that was presenting her with a relentless stream of obstacles she was unprepared to deal with. 

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Naming Names

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What should sentient beings and Buddhas and bodhisattvas do to the ignorant beings who constantly engage in actions motivated by the three poisonous delusions? One very simple way of saying it is that you should name names.
For example Ness, who do you know that behaves in such a shocking way?

Now, to avoid engaging in negative actions of body, speech and mind myself, I am writing this post to inform the public of where danger lies. I am also going to say that unless we ourselves protect our body, speech and mind by engaging in virtue and always practicing dharma correctly, we are really ourselves no different from these guilty offenders.

So without beating around the bush I am going to say the Gelugpa school of Buddhism is well known for its ability to emphasise the need and importance of engaging in proper dharma study, and also discusses pathways or methodology for constantly accumulating merit and wisdom.

The reason we practice compassion is to wish for, cut and even cessate from the mind the actual delusions that cause suffering and the cycle of suffering. When you learn with renunciation and the aspirational wish and engaging deed to accumulate the causes for higher rebirth, liberation from throwing karma and even the greatest of goals and meaning, the exalted state of Buddhahood, you realise the need to practice the wisdom realising emptiness. To meditate on the emptiness of a self of persons and of phenomena is the key to overcoming the causes of samsara, however you won’t get very far without a thorough understanding of the small, medium and even great scope stages of the path to Buddhahood.

In my experience, as a Buddhist who at a young age took on the role of managing a popular Mahayana Buddhist Centre I have learnt that many people do not focus upon keeping their commitments and protecting their Buddhist vows. Without pure moral conduct, you cannot build a proper foundation for training the mind. To cut the causes of suffering from the mind and from your internal experience, you need to engage in and understand the small scope practices and pathways. Following that, the medium scope stages of the path, which endeavours to understand the law of cause and effect and the three higher trainings of pure moral discipline, mental quiescence, calm abiding and then special insight.

Vanessa Anne Walsh reciting Lama Tsong Khapa Mantra March 1, 2023

From a small acorn a large oak tree can grow
Isn’t Garfield just gorgeous!


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The Elephant in the Room

This is why I am bankrupt.

A while ago I listened to an advertisement 60 Minutes was running for one of their shows. In this advertisement, the journalist from 60 Minutes discussed the issue surrounding Australia, as a nation, being at war with China. You would have to be more than half asleep if you didn’t realize China is already at war with us. Just look at the way the Chinese Government encourages it’s people to bribe immigration officials and flood brainwashed and poorly educated Chinese citizens into the most prosperous and democratic nations around the world. When China invaded Tibet and massacred its people, destroying and bombing its educational institutions and oppressing the freedoms of this peace loving, gentle nation, the Communist Governments view at the time was that once they gained control over the Roof of the World (Tibet), power around the rest of the world would rapidly fall into their hands.

I guess if doing business with a regime of dull-minded, uncreative people who were happy to force young Tibetan children to shoot their parents and thought nothing of burying Tibetan people alive in coffins doesn’t faze you (as reported by Amnesty International in the early 1990’s), then perhaps you might conclude I am over-reacting, but I hold onto the virtuous and freedom loving idea we do in fact have a responsibility to respect human rights, especially when a greedy power like China marches into a foreign country and invades for the purposes of stealing another nations precious natural resources in order to strengthen it’s own power and oppress the freedoms and liberties of others.

Make no mistake; it is the deep intention of China to dominate the world’s economic and political sphere, whilst using their brutal military might to create a stranglehold on the freedom of all sentient beings. As a brilliant Buddhist master once told me, “China first takes control by getting people addicted to its money.” It is very clear now to see how we as a nation have become hopelessly addicted to the short term economic benefits we derive from giving away too easily, our precious and limited resources to China.  This master then went on to say that “once China knows a nation has become addicted to the income they earn from doing business with China, China then seizes the opportunity at hand to take control over every other aspect of the lives of citizens living in such a nation.”

Do we as a country even recognize anymore what it means to be Australian? As you walk down any suburban or city street, it is clear to see we are effectively already living in China. The Chinese have long had the habit of buying up the most highly sought after and valuable properties and moving into the most prosperous regions of any country, once they develop pockets deep enough to steal away our freedom. It is a well known fact that businessmen working in real estate actively seek to sell off the best houses and properties we have in our country to the Chinese. Just look at who owns most of the Golden Mile now down in Brighton. Go and visit Box Hill, Doncaster, Toorak or watch more carefully who is filling the streets of Melbourne or any other major Australian city, and see if you can figure out where we are really living.

We should all know by now, China has an absolutely horrific human rights record. As a nation, and oppressive communist power, they simply cannot be trusted to act in a way that protects the integrity and freedom of any living being. Despite this catastrophic flaw in the Chinese character, we must rely upon diplomacy and a peace strategy that focuses first upon saving rather than needlessly and heartlessly destroying precious lives.

I would be remiss for not mentioning a story recently televised by Four Corners on the Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC) network, which exposed China’s attempts to hack into a number of major western corporations’ computer systems. On this program, Four Corners revealed not only had China been caught hacking into His Holiness The Dalai Lama’s website and other Tibetan Government in Exile computer systems, but China has also hacked into the computer systems of companies such as BHP, Fortescue Metals, Rio Tinto, just to name a few. One can see from the ruthless way China conducts its affairs that they already assume they are at war with everyone. Just remember, the Chinese Government pride themselves on educating their people into the Art of War. The Tibetan Nation, on the other hand, excelled in it’s ability to prosper a country based on a philosophy of peace, love, liberation and freedom from suffering. Which cause would any rationally minded being choose to support, listen to and follow?

Following is just a brief profile of the methods used by China to destabilize already prosperous nations, which they view as an ideological threat to their own oppressive and freedom hating regime.

The whole global financial downturn can be attributed to the fact that Australia, Europe and other once well developed nations like America can no longer manufacture their own goods, due to the incredible difficulty that has arisen and stems from the Chinese government’s refusal to stop artificially lowering the levels of its currency. Countries like Australia have become virtually incapable of competing with China, due to the fact that the Chinese rely upon slave labor to manufacture all their goods. This has created such a huge economic and moral imbalance, that the entire world is now paying an enormous price for the fact that our politicians refuse address the critical causes for the downfalls in our economies and ability to produce quality goods which will allow us to trade on a more even playing field.

In western countries, we do our best to maintain relatively good working conditions for our citizens, but China has no such concern or philosophy. As a young country, we take too much for granted our liberties and current level of freedom, to the point that we have become blinded by the huge changes and shifts in global power that are rapidly taking place around us. Our major media stations and publications refuse to address these issues, creating a false illusion in the minds of all our people that our freedom and health is not degenerating to the degree and levels to which they currently are.

Look at how when the Burmese Government attacked its own people in order to suppress their rights of free speech and democracy, China funded and supported the ruthless dictatorial Burmese regime while this was going on.

Look at how the problem with plagiarism and pirating have enabled China to steal original designs, intellectual property and products from all other nations around the globe, so that they are then able to infiltrate business and political systems around the world, mass producing cheap fakes, which further impedes our ability to trade and work fairly on a world scale.

As long as the Communist Chinese Government continues to peg it’s currency against the US dollar at a level that is artificially low, Chinese goods and services appear cheaper than they really are when compared to products and services produced in Western nations.

One could go on forever about all the evil that resides in China, taking the form of the Chinese Government’s abuse of the rights and conditions of humans and animals, and the wanton and blatant corruption of its officials.

One could argue the reason the talks in Copenhagen failed was because of Chinese Diplomats blocking and strategically planning for methods and means to cause the whole process to fail.

We all need to become more aware of how the actions of a corrupt, ruthless and oppressive Chinese regime is causing degradation and decline on a world scale, and understand more clearly how we are all now paying a massive price for the corruption and degradation to the planet that is stemming from the actions of the Chinese Government and it’s brainwashed citizens.

China educates its own people into a philosophy and way of thinking and acting that has no respect for the law, for human rights, for freedom, for freedom of speech or for the truth and justice.

I urge everyone to take a deeper look into what is going on in the rapidly changing world around us and look for ways to think about how to protect ourselves and the freedoms and way of life we currently enjoy. Many sacrifices have been made by others in the past to protect the democratic rights of a people. We must never lose sight of this fact or think that just because our economy is currently quite strong, that our way of life and ability to achieve lasting happiness is not at stake. Never think ignorance is bliss and that not knowing the truth somehow makes life a little easier to bear. Lacking awareness of the true causes of suffering is always a recipe for disaster.

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A Captain’s Logbook February 28 2023

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It’s been eleven weeks since my admission into the Alfred Hospital, December 2022. I thought I was taken to hospital on a Sunday morning, but the Ambulance Service thinks, maybe not. Hang on a minute. That was my previous hospital admission to The Epworth Hospital in November 2022, for a week.

Both hospitals were great to me. The food at The Epworth Hospital was yummy. I know. How amazing! Delicious hospital food, wonderful medicine, doctoring , nursing and care. However, apparently one stay in hospital was not enough. Just a few weeks later, and I collapsed sick again. I barely remember how I left the bedroom. The Ambulance Service was great. The Alfred Hospital was wonderful, and all the staff looked after me very well. On December 8 my heart rate dropped to just 40 and my blood pressure was down below 100. I got a bad throat infection and lost my voice and couldn’t talk above a little whisper.

Nine weeks on yesterday since the discharge from the Alfred hospital , and I had an appointment with the physiotherapist, from the hospital, at home. When I returned home from the Alfred hospital on December 20, I could barely climb the stairs up to my residence. Happily, after doing some exercises to help improve my physical strength with the physiotherapist yesterday, I found that my walking and climbing ability was much improved and not as difficult.

Anyway, as some sort of Losar Tibetan New Year’s resolution , I began today with a forty minute walking and breathing meditation on the treadmill. I completed just over a kilometre of walking and breathing meditation for twenty minutes, whilst burning off a little over 70 calories. Then, after resting for a few minutes and enjoying a refreshing drink of natural sparkling mineral water, I did some more walking and breathing meditation for another twenty minutes. So, that was just over two kilometres of walking and breathing meditation, whilst burning off 150 calories in forty minutes. Very relaxing, and happy to be working on strength and endurance, and gradually crafting my day and building a positive routine at home for this year, the Tibetan Year of the Water Rabbit 2150 (starting February 21, 2023).

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A Captain’s Logbook – Tuesday Evening 7 February 2023

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In the past year we have seen the COVID 19 pandemic lockdown, and the passing of Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth. We have also seen Prince Charles enthroned as King Charles. I write this as I just finish a delicious cup of Tibetan tea. I’m not having a Tsampa with it however, as I was enjoying nearly a year ago.

This is Buddhism.

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That’s Vajradhara.

This is Prasangika Madhyamaka. I’m a mother too. It’s very hard watching beings suffer. What we really need to realise is that both suffering and happiness have specific causes and therefore very different consequences. The cause of suffering is non virtue and delusion. The cause of happiness is virtue.

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This is why I love being vegetarian! As we should educate you to know, that clearly isn’t an actual bear. A wild bear would just rip the shit out of you.
Like it’s told here. It’s good to wake up out of the cruel sea of samsara and aspire to and create the causes for enlightenment.

The Buddha’s Begging Bowl

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The word ‘diet’ has several different meanings. The Collins Dictionary defines it to be ‘the food and drink one regularly consumes’. An alternative to that is the definition given in A Kind Diet, which states that diet is “a way of living, or thinking, a day’s journey.”

The time we spend on shopping for food, planning our meals, thinking about what it is we like and do not like to eat and what adheres to the medical profession’s recommendations surrounding the subject of diet is indeed considerable. We spend many of our waking hours working out this basic survival function and the money that goes towards keeping this human body of ours in good shape and healthy is enormous. Having thought about that, and briefly looked into some popular diet trends that are heavily advertised on local media, I thought to divert away from the consumerist approach to food for a moment and consider the Buddha’s teaching on non-attachment.

One symbol the Buddha employed as a means to convey his teaching on non-attachment was the use of an alms or begging bowl. Alms are charitable donations of money or goods to the poor or needy, yet the Buddha was neither of these things, so why bother with the use of a begging bowl? The alms bowl is considered to be symbol of the monastic life or life of a renunciate, and an aid to the life of the holy and those interested in seeking the truth. Once made from clay, which broke easily, the bowls were then forged with iron for added durability.

Specifically, the alms bowl refers to the time in the Buddha’s life just before he attained enlightenment, when a young girl, named Sujata offered the Buddha a bowl of milk rice. Although the Buddha was practicing the austerity of eating only a little food at the time, he realized that to achieve the final stages of enlightenment, he would need to partake of the offering of rice from Sujata. After partaking of the meal, one tradition states that the Buddha then threw away the small amount of food left in that bowl to symbolize the Buddha’s complete non-attachment to material possessions. Another legend tells the story that the Buddha threw away the begging bowl itself into the river to symbolize the mind of non-attachment.

The point of all this is to question the validity, or lack thereof, of the attached state of mind itself. The mind of attachment is traditionally explained in Buddhist philosophy to be a mind that exaggerates the good qualities of an object and ignores it’s perhaps less apparent flaws. One apparent flaw in all objects of this world is their impermanent nature. Of the Four Seals of Buddhism, the first is that all compounded phenomena are suffering. The second is that all contaminated objects are impermanent.

What do we mean when we use the word stained or contaminated to describe states of mind and actions?

Stained or contaminated actions are actions, emotions or thoughts polluted by selfish attachment, or by hatred, greed or ignorance. Such actions motivated by these negative states of mind always result in suffering.

When motivated by an attached state of mind, we cling onto material possessions, relationships or even ideas, and fail to recognize the intransigent and impermanent nature of the object. That does not mean to say that we are not in need of food and other such things to ensure our good health. It does indicate however, that having a more open and loving attitude towards other beings is more important. Given the violent nature of our human history and past, the gross lack of regard for the lives of others and destruction of the environment and other species, it is most definitely time to act to lighten our environmental footprint and reduce our grasping towards the status symbols of the wealthy. Instead of spending big bucks on expensive living and chasing the latest fad or diet trend, I suggest that there is much more happiness and satisfaction to be gained and maintained from living a more moderate and simple lifestyle with a focus more upon ensuring a happy state of mind. If we spent more time ensuring our mind itself is in a positive and peaceful state, through the practice of meditation, this would naturally lead to a more balanced and healthy lifestyle which would not only benefit the practitioner, but others on the planet as well.

I will leave you here with a totally different interpretation of the word diet, from one of the founders of Buddhist literature and Mahayana thought. The great Nagarjuna once wrote of the Five Diets being;

The Diet of Concentration

The Course Diet

The Inner Diet

The Diet of Touch and

The Diet of Volition.

The symbol of the Buddha with an alms bowl is an important director of peace, happiness and prosperity to keep in mind as we go about our daily habit of foraging for food, drink and clothing, if in the least to try to minimize our ever-expanding impact on this precious planet.

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Why Buddhist mind science is better than the western medical system

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For the past sixteen years I have been medicated for a disease I don’t have. I have been misdiagnosed. I do not have any illness, but I report in for monthly injections for a mental health disorder. My mother and the police and the doctors lied to the public to obtain this diagnosis about me. They said I behaved harmfully. None of the events that have been reported to have taken place concerning me ever even took place.

The first report made by my mother about me took place in 2003. My mother said I threatened her with a knife. I never even had a negative thought to hurt her or anyone else in any way. When I asked my mother why she lied, my mother said it was because she was jealous and she wanted to destroy the communities trust and faith in me as a practicing Buddhist.

I was hospitalised for a month in 2003 and medicated.

In 2013 I was arrested for making a complaint to the police. I was told someone wanted to shoot me. I was advised to ring the police. When the police arrived, they arrested me and lied saying I was being aggressive. All I was looking for was for some help to protect me against potential harm. I was hospitalised, put on a treatment order and medicated.

I went to the gp and specialist for help. I explained to Alan Molloy, a gp that people were lying. I went to my gastroenterologist, Professor Finlay Macrae. I explained that I had been behaving peacefully, but that others were trying to make me look negative. I got no help from the medical community. Instead, they repeated the lies voiced against me. They have lied and slandered my name.

Presently, the medical community have a twenty page report with content of events that never even happened, complaining about conduct I don’t actually engage in and never practiced. Even though I have always told the truth to the medical community, they refuse to honour what has actually occurred and the truth that I speak.

In 2015, my mother lied again to defame me. Anne Guest said I tried to run over her caretaker. I never went anywhere near him and had no such thought. I am on a treatment order for behaviour I don’t engage in. I am medicated for a disease I don’t have. The doctors do not care to listen to or honour the truth. This is a travesty of justice and I need legal help.

Can someone qualified in the Australian or international community honour my honest speech and rectify this travesty of justice to come to my aid and defend me? This is not what the medical and legal community should uphold, this set of wrongdoings and group of lies about a very honest, ethical and law abiding citizen.

Further comments about the benefits of His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s system of medicine over western science.

15 May 2020

I went to see Alan Molloy of Eastbound Medical Clinic regarding this problem. I reported all the facts to the case honestly to Alan Molloy. I told him what he had heard about me was nothing but slander and lies. There is actually nothing but one person’s word against me talking to the mental health service, lying and slandering my name and then forcing an arrest. The police have no evidence that the lier spoke anything but a lie. My words are being ignored. Usually the justice system says you are innocent until proven guilty. People were keen to believe that I did something wrong. In practice, in Buddhism, you are a sentient being guilty of ignorance and people sin wildly to get their way. They do not keep their vows of moral conduct and the police care little about the process of justice working correctly. They are not Buddhas. They are ordinary sentient beings guilty of acting ignorantly and dishonestly themselves. They do not check if they have been lied to and the legal system does little to protect the innocent here.

I paid twice to see Alan Molloy. Once reporting that he was being misled by this series of lies and then once to take him in a copy of the psychiatrists report. He, Alan Molloy did nothing to benefit me or to uphold the system of justice. I have a confession from my mother where she admitted to me she was lying to brake up my marriage and also because she was jealous and wanted to diminish people’s confidence in me. Alan is biased. He does not practice equanimity or the Buddhist vow. He has also neglected to practice medical science properly.

Anyway. What to do? I am being medicated and others are sinning against me. One really good solution is to just have a whiskey and diet coke and tell these idiots to go jump off the precipice into the lower realms if they like. They like sinning. They like corruption in medicine and law. Mind science is superior to western science, and when you practice properly and adhere to maintaining your Buddhist vows correctly you can see the corruption in psychiatry and western medicine and law.

Copyright © Vanessa Anne Walsh 2020

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Mind. What is it?

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Buddhists alone understand what the mind is. In Australia, this multi-cultural society that we live in, in India, what is that without the Tibetan Buddhist and His Holiness, the Fourteenth Dalai Lama of Tibet? Britain, what are you doing? Well, Her Royal Highness the Queen Elisabeth of England is religious, right? Queen Elisabeth has an understanding of the path to Buddhahood, yes or no?

What is this democracy we live in? Is it run by the pig, the chicken and the snake? Or do Buddhas and Bodhisattvas rule the world?

The Australian Government has come up with this foul act, the mental health act, yet it does not acknowledge what the mind actually is and how it functions. The mind, indeed all phenomena are empty of inherent existence, whilst cause and effect and dependent arising are unfailing. So psychiatrists are non-Buddhist. They do not accept the ultimate achievement of the Buddha. The Lord Buddha conquered suffering and it’s cause and the Lord Buddha and his lineage of Lamas perfected virtue or the qualities of the body, speech and mind.

I am going to sit here and discourse on why you shouldn’t let the animal rule. Western scientists think they can be called doctors without having actually realised the enlightened state of mind. This is where they are unheroic. They input an inherently existent self of person and of phenomena. They have ego. They are still partially, if not fully governed by the unruly state of mind of the three poisons; attachment, aversion/hatred/anger and ignorance/wrong view.

The mind is the hum at the heart. The ah is at the throat and should be enlightened speech. The body is the om at the crown. We have three channels. The right, the left and the central channel. Only Buddhists with a precious human rebirth can understand the speech and discourse of the Lord Buddha, the turning of the wheel of the doctrine. The right channel is white, the left channel is red and the central channel is blue. The mind has six chakras. The secret place, the stomach, the heart, the throat, the forehead and the crown. The mind rides the subtle wind which should reside in the central channel. All appearances to the mind and the six senses come from this mind.

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Request for new pillows

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Vanessa has been meditating on the emptiness of a self now and the bodhicitta motivation for over twenty years. For the past twenty years, this meditation has been conducted in silent retreat. Vanessa is in need of some new pillows for her residence. So we are sending out a request to the public for funding. Vanessa always recommends using a firm pillow, to give proper support to the neck, head and back.

Giving to support authentic dharma practice creates great merit. By thinking, may I too overcome the causes to samsara, cyclic existence, may this act of giving and love serve to create the cause for my own release from the miserable cycle of suffering. You can begin by taking refuge and generating bodhicitta, reciting the following prayer three times.

I go for refuge until I’m enlightened to the Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha

From the virtuous merit I create from the practice of giving and other perfections

May I attain the state of a Buddha for the sake of all sentient beings.

To conquer the three poisonous states of mind of attachment, hatred and the ignorance of a self of persons and of phenomena, you need to train in the three scopes of the path to Buddhahood. Obviously training in the six perfections is best, setting the bodhi mind as the motivation for aspiring to and engaging in the path to Buddhahood. Vanessa works long hours, and does quite a bit of community service. Please support this dharma project by clicking on the PayPal link below.

Request for new pillows

Give kindly and generously to this dharma project. All help is greatly appreciated. Create merit today and support authentic Buddhist dharma practice.


To complete, dedicate the merit by reciting:

May I quickly become Lord Buddha and lead each and every sentient being to his enlightened realm because of these merits

May the precious bodhi mind not yet born arise and grow

May that born have no decline, but increase for evermore.