What Happened?


Vanessa Anne Walsh married Christian Michael Walsh June 26, 1992. Really? Neither person was that full of the notion that a marriage would be easy, because both people had seen failures in their parents marriages, watching affairs, arguments, anger and other delusions wreck havoc upon their lives. Sad huh?

One of the key things Vanessa and Christian wanted to do was to take refuge in the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha and generate the bodhicitta motivation, aspiring to and engaging in the deeds of bodhisattvas; causes for Buddhahood. Well, at least Vanessa did.

Samsara is a painful mess and the false view of a transitory collection and ignorance of a self are the cause of suffering and other delusions. Anyway, that was yucky. Vanessa and Christian both wanted to seriously address the deeper and root causes of suffering, and motivate and commit to dedicating their lives to practicing the causes of the great vehicle in Buddhism. Difficult or not? Sometimes.

Money was hard to come by, huh? Well, you see, neither Verna Guest, Ben Guest, nor David and Margaret Walsh understood Buddhism. Gosh! Vanessa and Christian decided not to have children, because how could they find the money? Well paying jobs were hard to get and practicing ethics, concentration and wisdom and six perfections is the foremost thing on both of their minds. Huh? Mary and Claudia became Vanessa’s focus as Vanessa tried to help these two beings, which was something Vanessa committed to financially, that was achievable. 

Once Vanessa and Christian began their Buddhist studies with His Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama, it became clear to others that they were not having sex or planning children. Diana Sher, a Jewish lady who David, Margaret, Verna and Ben were acquainted with became furious, and decided to oppose Vanessa’s wish to become a Buddha for the sake of all sentient beings. So Diana Sher caused an insane attitude towards Vanessa to be ignited in David Walsh and Margaret Walsh, Amanda Richards, Paul Richards and Jeremy Walsh. 

The relationship between Christian and Vanessa soon showed signs of real stress as Kathy Melnic, a whore at Tara Institute, prayed on Christian, engaging in sexual misconduct to bring undone the marriage. The rest of the Buddhist community at Tara displayed deep resentment and jealousy towards Vanessa, as she managed Tara Institute for very little income and practiced lots of generosity, morality, patience, enthusiastic perseverance, concentration and wisdom towards the Buddhists, her family and her teachers, and the rest of her work collegues. Gosh!


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