Chenrezig Home – The Art of Cooking and the Science and Philosophy of Mind

written by Vanessa Anne Walsh


A wisdom mother’s and practitioner of ethics guide to vegetarian food


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Commentary on Culture


Comment on Alcohol

The only alcohol I recommend is on occasion only, when tired or ill, one glass (two at the most) of a red wine, shiraz or cabernet sauvignon with dinner or evening relax. Whiskey, one glass with diet cola or organic cola, (never full strength cola) is good to overcome disorders of the mind, wind disease, lhung. However, you need to follow prescriptive advice. I suffered from crohns disease and relied upon alcohol to overcome lhung as well. Red wine has been researched and proven by scientists and doctors to be effective to overcome disease of the bowel, stomach, heart and mind.


Comments to defeat common popular diets


National Recommended Daily Dietary Kilojoule or Calourific Intake.

This diet has a daily average kilojoule intake of about 3000 kilojoules. This gives you plenty of kilojoules, nutrition, variety of grains, legumes, beans, rice, and fruit and vegetables. It is ethically correct. It does not rely upon the slaughter of other motherly sentient beings. The government is way out saying that you need between 9000 and 15000 kilojoules per day of food to stay healthy. No wonder we have issues and crises of obesity, cancer, crohns disease, heart disease, disease of the liver and brain.


Journal for Friday 2 March 2018, 4:10pm


Today I cooked Vegetable and Silken Tofu Teriyaki Stirfry with Black and White Rice.

This is a food journal designed to explain the Art of Cooking. In my opinion, most people get diet and exercise horribly incorrect and wrong. I have about twenty one or so vegetarian recipes. These recipes make up well balanced, ethical and nutritious meals.

To eat well, you need either rasberries and blueberries for breakfast with some natural yogurt and a dash of honey if you like, or some home made bread made with organic flour in a breadmaker, with some organic butter and jam and some loose leaf Ceylon black tea with full cream milk, or a slow juiced orange, mango, banana and passionfruit juice. That’s it. Food like that is nutritious and good for your body and mind. It’s not fattening, but it’s not crazy non-fat. It doesn’t cause diabetes, cancer, bowel or stomach complaint, heart disease, liver disease, or damage to one’s brain. None of this food does that. It is the healthiest range of recipes you can find. It’s kind on the environment and on oneself and others. It doesn’t harm other beings. It is not dependent upon the senseless slaughter of the beast or animal, fish or chicken, lamb, cow or pig.

Diet’s like the CSIRO diet are disgusting. Why? Because they are the polar opposite to this diet. There are many reasons the CSIRO Diet can be called unethical and bad for you. It is, because it relies upon killing other living beings.

This is how to prepare and cook the recipe

Teriyaki Vegetable and Silken Tofu Stirfry with Black or Wild Rice and White Basmati Rice.


Serves Three People.


I use all organic produce.

So you need a good organic food source and supplier, like Greenline Organic.

One organic onion, diced

½ punnet cherry tomatoes, cut in half

a Couple of tablespoons of Extra Virgin cold pressed olive oil, enough to cover the base of the wok.

One organic carrot, washed and sliced in quarters

210 mls Teriyaki Sauce

About twelve small or medium sized swiss brown mushrooms, washed and sliced

120grams snow peas, washed with the stalky end cut off

One bunch of broccolini, with the end cut off, washed and slicing the flowerets or top part of the broccolini. No need to use the base of the stem.

One packed of silken tofu, cut into small pieces.

To cook

Measure one cup of wild or black rice and one cup of white rice. Put the black rice with about two cups of water in one saucepan and one cup of white rice with two cups of water in another saucepan. Start cooking on a medium heat the black or wild rice which takes 30 minutes to cook. After twenty minutes, cook the white rice for ten minutes and strain then mix the two rices together and serve.

Whilst the black rice is cooking, add the olive oil to the wok with the diced onion and heat on a medium heat. Add the sliced cherry tomatoes and fry gently for a few minutes. Add the sliced carrot and stir and then add the teriyaki sauce. Add the mushrooms, snow peas and broccolini. Add the silken tofu and stir gently cooking unti the rice is ready with the lid of the wok on, Stir occasionally, but don’t overcook it. Lower the heat if necessary, to a gentle heat.

Serve with a ladle and some of the sauce. My suggestion is you spoon some of the rice mix onto a plate and then ladle the stir fry out and next to the rice mix with a little sauce from the bottom of the wok. Enjoy this very healthy and nutritious meal. You really only need one meal like this a day to maintain good energy and a healthy weight range.

Bless the food by reciting OM AH HUM three times before eating slowly.





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